Friday, November 22, 2019

2019 Topps On-Demand Set #13 - Lenticular 3-D Cards - All the Dodgers'

Here's a new product that has me wishing I'd bought some packs. As you know, Topps has been releasing weekly online exclusive sets, dubbed "On-Demand" cards, for collectors to chase. Usually, they'll place modern ballplayers on vintage card designs - much like the fantasy cards I and a lot of collectors enjoy making. This particular set, though uses a card technology that Topps isn't exactly known for -- unless you want to count their 1968 test issue.

Featured here are all the Dodger cards found in Topps On-Demand Set #13 -- their Lenticular 3-D set. Go here for a complete checklist.

These cards are exactly like those old Sportflics cards from the late-80's -- using a printing process called "lenticular printing" that they referred to as a "Triple Action Magic Motion®" cards. A total of 100 ballplayers are in the base set, of which six are Dodgers.  Check them all out below. BTW, a total of 9,000 packs were sold and this translates into a print of 540 copies for each base card.


#25 Clayton Kershaw

2019 Topps Now - All-Star Rookie Team - Will Smith

I am late again with this newest 2019 Topps Now Dodger card. Available for most of yesterday is an All-Star Rookie Team Cup card of Dodgers catching phenom Will Smith. Go here to check it out and order. Below is what's written on the reverse:
Will smith provided the Los Angeles Dodgers with pop from the catching position once he made his debut, routinely coming up with clutch hits. The rookie's impressive power and sold defense at the most demanding position in the League gave the Dodgers an edge.