Wednesday, September 29, 2010

eBay: Billingsley Book Card

I wouldn't mind adding this to my collection. Here is a Chad Billingley book card that features a large Dodger script patch. Only 3 of these were made.

Monty Sheldon: 1955 Brooklyn WS 55th Anniversary Art Card Set

I've been a big fan of the artwork of Monty Sheldon for some time now, and was thrilled to find out back in April that he was selling Sheldon’s Sketch Card Champions "1 of 1" art cards on eBay. If you haven't seen some of his work before check out this site for more. His painted Baseballs are very impressive.

Now, Monty is tackling the 55th Anniversary of the Dodgers first and only World Championship in Brooklyn. Check out the press release below.
Artist Monty Sheldon has been creating Sheldon’s Sketch Card Champions during the past two years, and in addition to the 2010 regular set, he will be releasing a sub set that will acknowledge the 55th anniversary of the World Series Championship achieved by the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1955.

Sheldon’s sketch cards are made available weekly through E-bay auctions, and starting with card no. 106 and continuing through card no. 112 he will be auctioning off a 55th anniversary set of the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers, who won their only World Series Championship in an exciting 7-game series versus their World Series nemesis, the New York Yankees.

Sheldon will be providing a sketch card that will correspond with each game played of
the 1955 World Series. Included in the set will be Dodger team members that played a pivotal role in each of the games and each card will be signed and finished 55 years to the exact day that World Series game was played, making this a true 55th anniversary set.

Included below is a player checklist and the auction end date for each card. The scheduled eBay 7-day auctions will all take place at 19:55 (10:55 PM eastern, 7:55
PM pacific) and you can find Sheldon’s auctions by searching with his eBay seller ID -- rube77 .

Tuesday, SEPT 28 (game 1) - Jackie Robinson & Carl Furillo (card #106) - auction ends 10/5

Wednesday, SEPT 29 (game 2) - Pee Wee Reese (card #107) - auction ends 10/6
Thursday, SEPT 30 (game 3) - Roy Campanella (card #108) - auction ends 10/7

Friday, OCT 1 (game 4) - Clem Labine (card #109) - auction ends 10/8

Saturday, OCT 2 (game 5) - Duke Snider (card #110) - auction ends 10/9

Sunday, OCT 3 (game 6) - Jim Gilliam (card #111) - auction ends 10/10
Monday, OCT 4 (game 7) - Gil Hodges, Sandy Amoros, Johnny Podres (card #112) - auction ends 10/11
Go here to see the first card available for auction on eBay. Every day over the next week each card in the set will be placed up on eBay.

2010 Topps Triple Threads Dodger Inserts

Here are some of the cards Triple Threads collectors love to chase. All of the cards have three pieces of either a uniform or bat piece placed within windows that spell an important achievement. They also come in different parallel versions. In most cases, each player has several different phrases available. The cards below do not come close to showing all the different Dodger cards out there.

Here is Manny's "Mannywood." I've also seen "MLB", "15 Game LCS HIT STR", "MAN RAM", "9 TIME SILVER", and "PS HR LDR 29 CAREER".

This is the only Roy Campanella version I've seen- "8 TIME ALL STAR".

This is the only Jackie Robinson version I've seen- "415 '47".

Here is Manny Ramirez's auto bat relic card spelling out "MLB".

Here is Chad Billingsley's uniform relic card spelling out "NL WEST CHAMPS". I have also seen "MLB" and "1.04 NL DS ERA" versions.

Here is Duke Snider's "5X 40+ HR" autographed bat relic card. There are also "MLB", "HOF 1980", and "SILVER FOX" versions.

This is the only Clayton Kershaw version I've seen- "100 SOS".

Here is Matt Kemp's auto uniform relic card spelling "THE BISON". Others I've seen include "MLB", "2009 GG & SS", and "101 RBI".

Below are two of the Rookies & Rising Stars autographed relic cards of Clayton Kershaw and Andre Ethier.