Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sotheby's/ SCP Auction: Del Crandall Collection

Some of you may know that Sotheby's/ SCP is currently running the auction featuring Barry Bonds homerun baseballs #755 & #756. Fortunately, those balls are not the only reason to be excited about this action. What's also for sale are choice pieces coming from former AAA manager of the Albuquerque Dukes, Del Crandall. From 1976 to 1982 Crandall was highly successful in bringing up some of the Dodgers most popular and storied players. For his efforts during the Dodgers 1981 season he was given a World Series Championship ring. It is now available along with other championship and all-star rings, bats, programs, etc. from his playing and managerial career. Check out his stuff here (Whoops, so about the bad link. Just do a search in the description field under the name Del Crandall and you will pull up all of the items from his collection.).

Another piece I wanted to point out is the below photograph featuring Roy Campanella's 1952 All-Star Barnstorming Negro League Team, complete with autographs. Players include Campanella, Leon Day, Lary Doby, Hank Thompson, Monte Irvin, recent HOF'er Alex Pompez and others. Unfortunately, the photo is very worn, but would still look great on the wall.

The Greatest Prank Ever

High school football rivalries can get very heated. Students will do everything from stealing mascots to defacing campus statues or property. In Columbus, Ohio the rivalry between Hilliard and Darby went to new lengths.

A Student at Hilliard tricked unsuspecting fans from Darby into holding up squares of black or white paper to spell out the words, "We Suck." Check out the video below.

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Welcome to LA

Ned Colletti is doing his best Dr. Frankenstein impression. He has been picking up aging or potential injury problem pitchers in hopes he can patch together a winning pitching staff. We started the season with Wolf and Schmidt as questions marks. They are now both on the DL. Roberto Hernandez, an aging veteran, and Scott Proctor, who has been overworked by the Yankees, are now in the relief corps. David Wells was brought in just last week. Now, former all-star, Esteban Loaiza, comes into town having pitched well his only two outings this year, but is fresh of the DL. Can this piecemeal concoction survive til the end of the year? I hope so.

Welcome to the Blue Esteban!

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