Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What Was That? President Mondesi?

There are some strange happenings in today's Inside the Dodgers Blog. First we find out that the LA Times erred in writing that Raul Mondesi was "roundly booed." I guess I'm not too surprised by that. On the other hand, I am surprised to read that Raul Mondesi is a full-fledged politician in the Dominican Republic. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever expect I would read or write that. Wow. Considering some of his on-and-off the field problems late in his career I'm glad to read that things are looking up.

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Finding Gold in the Most Unexpected Places

This is the kind of story that I dream about. A truck driver walks into a "Play It Again Sports" and buys 4 real "game-used" gloves. Not just any gloves, but actual real gloves from Giambi, Karsay and Alex Rodriguez. His $400.00 purchase turns into a $10,000.00+ sale on eBay. Check out the story here. BTW, this guys purchase happened in Southern California. How did these gloves find their way here? Also, this auction closed 5 days ago, click here for the results.

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