Friday, May 14, 2010

A John Ely Dodger Card

John Ely now has a Dodger card in the newly released 2010 Bowman Baseball set. Stay tuned as I put up more Dodger cards from the set in the next few days.

T206 Brooklyn Dodgers: George Hunter

Here is another member of the old Brooklyn Superbas who didn't last very long. George Henry Hunter played one full season in 1909 and one game in 1910 before returning to the minor leagues for good.

In 1909 he had the dual role as a Brooklyn starting pitcher and an outfielder. He was both a left hander on the mound and a switch hitter at the plate. Considering how bad the team was Hunter appeared to have pitched fairly well. He won 4 games and lost 10 while recording a ERA of 2.46 (team ERA was 3.10) and a WHIP average of 1.243. As a hitter, though, he was only average. He hit .228 in 23 games on a team that batted a collective .229. The weird thing about George Hunter is that after pitching for Brooklyn in 1909 he never again pitched a game in the majors or the minors. We went on to play 8 more seasons of professional ball in the New York State League as an outfielder after reaching the show.

Meet LA Dodger Frank Robinson

Yes, Frank Robinson did play for the Dodgers for one season in 1972. His stay was short as he batted only .251 and belted 15 home runs with 59 RBI's.