Thursday, August 20, 2009

Holland and Otterstad

The other day I posted about the currently running ThinkCure! auction and highlighted a couple of great paintings available. In the comments section of that post, Danny Stern provided some additional background on the two paintings by Stephen Holland and Opie Otterstad that I thought would be worth passing along in a new post.

Below is Stephen Holland's painting of Jackie Robinson's Slide. Read more about the artist here, and then go here for more about this specific painting.
Then, check out this great video featuring the above painting.

YouTube Link: limelightage:

Below is Opie Otterstad's painting of the '55 Brooklyn Dodgers as they celebrate their first World Championship. Read more about the artwork here.
Then, check out the outline below and see if you can name all of the players. The answers are available in the above link.

Dodger Correspondence: Packy Rogers

Packy Rogers is a man of little words. He played Major League ball for only one season for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1938. He got into only 23 games and had 37 at-bats. Below is a note from Packy where he shares his most exciting moment.
My most exciting moment, I would have to say, was when I tripled my first official time at bat in the National League.
Like I said he get's right to the point.