Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mash it Up - Dodger Style

It's all the rage these days. Combine two seemingly incongruent things, and watch the pair blossom into a rose.  So, when noted .gif creator and photoshop savant @akaTheConman decided to mash together the 2015 Dodgers with the hit television show "Parks and Recreation" the result was magical.  Check it out below:

Not to be outdone, inspired reddit user u/NightHawk_88 decided to follow TheConman's lead.  He/She mashed together the Dodgers with "The Office" to make a brilliant video.  Watch it below.   

Video Link:

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2015 Topps Series 1 - Dodgers - Highlight, Inspirations, Robbed and Logo Pin Relic Cards

Here are even more Dodger insert cards to gaze at.  Featured below are the Highlight of the Year, Inspirations Duals, Robbed and MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo Pin Manufactured Relic Cards.  Go here for all of my past post on this set.

Highlight of the Year

#H-21 Fernando Valenzuela

Highlight of the Year Relics (#/99)

#HYR-FV Fernando Valenzuela

Blog Kiosk: 2/10/2015 - Dodgers Links - Some odds and Ends

I've got Spring Training on the mind.  So when I catch a glimpse of a vintage photo from the preseason I pay attention.  Featured above is a March 16, 1935 ACME press photograph of utilityman Jim Bucher at the Dodgers training camp in Orlando.  He is hard at work practicing on the field while the police keep an watchful eye on him.  No doubt ensuring no error is committed.  Pic found via eBay, here.

BTW, Jim Bucher was valued more for his defensive than his work with the bat.  He played all over the diamond, platooning at 2nd and 3rd base, but was also versatile enough to play all three outfield positions.  Bucher also batted .269 in his four years in Brooklyn; posting career highs in 1935 by batting .302, hitting 7 home runs and 58 RBI's.  His claim to Baseball fame is that he was part of the package the Dodgers sent to the Cardinals for future Hall of Famer Leo Durocher in 1937.

Below are some more links to check out:
But I can’t pretend to understand those who go claim to know the future, who don’t merely fear future disappointment but rather are convinced they have proof of it. Because that flies in the face of everything sports and life have taught us, that in the world of human beings, the unexpected happens. And yes, the odds are worse for some than others, but certainly it didn’t make sense to plant the flag of hopelessness on a first-place team.
I don’t believe in blind faith — I disavow it. But blind cynicism is no better.
  • Via Eric Edwards at Dodger Insider, "Dodger Fans Give Back."  The Dodger FanFest garnered more than $135,000 for the LA Dodger Foundation.
  • Via Dustin Nosler at Dodgers Digest, "Get to know this year’s foreign imports: Hector Olivera."
  • Holy Moly!  Julio Franco lives!  Via Mike Axisa at CBS Sports, "Julio Franco, 56, joins semi-pro team in Japan as player-manager."  
  • This might be the best thing ever.  As a part of the current "Dodger Takeover" of the r/baseball reddit, Dodger fan r/bq87 put together a fantastic video called the "Ryuribe Compilation."  It features the best bromance in the game.  Watch it below.

Video Link:

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