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Vintage Pics of Holman Stadium at Dodgertown, Vero Beach from its Opening in 1953

Over the past few days I've been posting up vintage pics (here and here) from an well-known eBay auctioneer named Hyee_Auctions that feature vintage photographic transparencies.  Nearly every Baseball team is available, but none are cooler than the photos featuring the "Boys in Blue" (except for maybe the Yankees pics; which are just as good).  Most of the Dodgers photos available were taken during various spring days over the decades, and the most fantastic ones are in this post.  BTW, these pics were all taken by a duo known as "Cranston & Livia."  If you happen to know who they are please let me know.

Featured here are photographs from the very first game played at Holman Stadium in Dodgertown, Vero Beach, FL - Its Opening Day. The date is March 11, 1953.

At the very top are the stadium flags raised as a part of the Opening Ceremonies (Auction Link Here).  The white flag seen above celebrates the Dodgers National League Pennant in 1952.  Below is Brooklyn Borough President John Cashmore with Walter O'Malley in the stands (Link Here).
(Auction Link)

Below is a view of the crowd in the left field stands (Link Here).  On the right you can see what the players dugout looked like.  Also, the blue flag on the left says "Elmira."  I believe this refers to a town in the western part of New York state; near Ithica.  
(Auction Link)

This last photo is of the Dodgers dugout that sits along the right field line (Link Here).  Roy Campanella (#39) is easily recognizable at the center of the photo.

BTW, the Dodgers won the days game, and Cark Erskine is credited with throwing the very first pitch in the stadium.  Per a letter O'Malley sent to The Sporting News:

“I believe our attendance at the game (opening game for Holman Stadium on March 11th) exceeded the total population of the City of Vero Beach.”

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2016 Topps Baseball Series One - Berger's Best, Greatest Streaks, Walk Off Wins and WS Coin & Stamp Insert Cards

Take a look at even more Dodgers insert cards found in packs of 2016 Topps Series 1 Baseball card packs.  This time I share pics from the Berger's Best, Greatest Streaks, Walk Off Wins and WS Coin & Stamp Insert cards.  Go here to see all of my previous post on this set.

I thought I would make note of the "Berger's Best" cards.  For those who don't know, "Berger" refers to former Topps executive Sy Berger.  He is considered by most hobbyist to be the "Father of the Modern Baseball Card."  At the age of 28 he, along with Bazooka Joe co-creator Woody Gelman, designed the very first real Topps Baseball card set in 1952.  Berger would go on to work at Topps for 50 years.

Berger's Best

#BB-4 Sandy Koufax

Blog Kiosk: 2/9/2016 - Dodgers Links - Some Odds and Ends

Here's another fantastic pic derived from an original photographic transparency.  Featured above is Pee Wee Reese showing off his swing to the cameraman.  It is dated to March 4, 1957, and was taken at Dodgertown in Vero Beach, FL.  This is one of many different vintage color transparencies currently for sale through Hyee-Auctions on eBay

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And, apparently, Kyle couldn't help but give his most honest answer.

"He's good, sorry," Seager responded to a cascade of laughs. "I'm sorry he's better; I'm trying, I promise." 

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