Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mastro: Burn That Jersey

Here are some goodies from Mastro's recently closed auction; including a jersey that makes me want to cringe.

Why bother buying packs of cards searching for "big hits" when you can make your own? Here is a custom homemade card featuring a authentic cut signature of Lou Gehrig. I've seen these before on the internet and am always amazed how great these custom cards look compared to today's cards found in boxes. This particular card sold for $2,100.00.

This is the first time I've seen a store display box flap for the 1950's Jackie Robinson dime bank. I would be surprised if any more existed. It sold for $275.00.
Can you ever get enough of Babe Ruth in a Dodger uniform? It sold for $225.00.

Someone must be able to figure out who this guy is. Below is a unknown Brooklyn Dodger cabinet photo from the late 19th century. It sold for $500.00.

Must burn this now! This is a work of Dr. Frankenstein. Below is a split jersey of the Dodgers and Giants featuring autographs of Ralph Branca and Bobby Thompson of "The Shot Heard Round The World" fame. In this lot you also get a signed bat, ball and photo. It sold for $225.00.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Finally, A Counter

After 4 offers from the Dodgers, Boras finally decides to make a counteroffer to the Dodgers. It took long enough didn't it.
Scott Boras made a counter offer using the same basic language and numbers of the club's two-year, $45MM offer, but without the deferred payments. Boras told the Dodgers that they have until noon to strike a deal.
I don't blame McCourt and company for the last offer with deferred payments. After all, the framework of a $45MM deal over two years is the most important ingredient. The deferred payments is just a ploy to finally get Boras to make a commitment because, at this point so far, Manny and Boras have refused to negotiate in good faith.

When one side refuses to formally counter several other offers (especially good offers) how can the offeror be expected to continue to bid against themselves? This entire process is a negotiation that requires that both sides work together to hammer out a deal. One side, the Dodgers, in my mind, has gone above and beyond in their duties in this negotiation. They have made 4 offers! It is incumbent on the offeree to come back with a counter. Apparently, Boras finally has. And now, we have the makings of a potential deal. (It took longer than desired to get Boras off his perch) Nevertheless, it is now time to get it done.

Update: I wanted to add that you shouldn't expect a done deal until this weekend at the earliest- probably early next week. Boras's deadline for noon today is irrelevant.

Hunt: February Internet Auction

Another Hunt Auction, More Dodger Goodies.

This is a rarity. Below is a 1951 photo postcard featuring Jackie Robinson, Don Newcombe, Roy Campanella and Dan Bankhead with restaurateur Jason Bowman. It advertises Bowman's Cocktail Lounge on the reverse and says,
"Having a wonderful time at Bowman's. There's never a dull moment when the Dodgers are playing baseball."
It sold for $210.00.

This is the perfect gift for a child spending the afternoon with Dad at the ball game in Ebbetts Field. Below is a circa 1950's doll measuring 8 inches tall. It sold for a affordable $50.00.

This is the ultimate vintage Dodger photo scrapbook. 60 autographs are featured in this 1950's Montreal Royals album with many of them having corresponding photos attached. I would love to see all of the other pages. It's a treasure trove.
Includes Al Giofriddo, Bobby Morgan, Bert Haas, Don Thompson, Carman Mauro, Shotgum Shuba, Tom Lasorda, Dan Bankhead, Clyde King, Jim Hughes, John Podres, Walt Alston, Chuck Connors (yes the actor), Jim Gilliam, Duke Snider, and others.
It sold for a healthy $440.00.

Here are 2 pairs of game worn jerseys and pants, a batting helmet, cap and game ball of Dodger hurler Chad Billingsley. He wore our colors during the 2002 IBAF World Junior Championships and won a bronze meal. He won 3 games and lost none with a 2.45 ERA. It sold for $201.00.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

eBay: Color Me In

Here is a great well worn Jackie Robinson pennant from the 1950's.

How did this thing ever survive without being colored in? Below is a unused vintage Dodgers coloring book from the 1960's. It has 12 pages and features players like Sandy Koufax, Don Drysdale and Maury Wills. It originally sold at stadium souvenir stands for 60 cents.

Prospect Pipeline Appears Thin

Baseball America just released their list of 100 top prospects and the Dodgers only have 2 representatives. At #49 is Andrew Lambo and at #56 is James McDonald.

It appears that Chris Withrow and Ivan DeJesus, Jr. have been overlooked.

Hat Tip: MLB Trade Rumors:

Manny Rumors

Is Manny geting closer to wearing Blue this year?

MLB Trade Rumors has a great rundown on the Manny Ramirez sweepstakes. Check them out here.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Martin Maturing and Finds Some Love

Russell Martin's growth can be seen through his growing pains. While struggling with the workload a young catcher must endure, Joe Torre gave him the straight scoop.
"Baseball is like this," he (Joe Torre) says, moving his hand steadily. "You need to get rid of this." Now the hand is making a sine wave, with peaks and troughs. "We play every single day. You have to stay here emotionally" — the steady hand again.
Still, Russell struggled with his emotions.
"I'd just get pissed. It wouldn't be consistent. Some days I'd be having good days and I'd be like, okay, this is fun. And some days I'd miss my pitch or make an error and I'm pissed, and the pitcher's wondering what's going on. The goal is to stay as smooth as I can. The goal is to help, that's what I'm here for, really."
At least he's getting some help to reach an even keel with the help of a certain lady friend.
He's settled down with a steady girlfriend, and while babies aren't in the picture, "We are practising a lot," he says, smiling.
Check out the entire article here from The Globe and Mail.

Blog Kiosk: 2/22/2009

Are you sick of the whole ARod thing too?

YouTube Link: Nanto Vision:

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Goodwin: Dodger Related Rarities

Goodwin & Co. recent auction features some very significant Dodger related Baseball cards. The first gem is the below Mint graded 1948-49 Leaf rookie card of Jackie Robinson. You just don't see cards looking "pack-fresh" like this. It sold for a well deserved $23,183.93.

Branch Rickey is one of the great pioneers of this great game. Below is a 1914 Cracker Jack card of Rickey that sold for $2,590.88. Cracker Jack cards have grown in popularity due to its scarcity and fragility. The cards are paper thin and are easily damaged. Also, mint examples feature a deep bright red background that makes the player look like he's jumping out of the card. This set is one of my favorites, and if I ever have enough dough it would be my first purchase.

The 1968 3-D Set is one of the rarest test issues made by Topps. They date two years before the very popular Kellogg's sets of the 70's and feature just 12 players. The only Dodgers available were Willie Davis and Ron Fairly. The backgrounds are purposely blurred with a sharp photograph of a players portrait. The Willie Davis and Ron Fairly cards each sold for $426.53 a piece.

Vintage Baseball Passion

I love Baseball. It's the greatest game around. It's nice to see that back in Chicago 1922 that passion was also shared. Here is a Attendance Notice postcard found on eBay from Schurz High School inquiring about a truancy. Flora missed a week of school. Unfortunately, she got whacked pretty bad, but she seems to not care. She can't wait to get back on the bike after falling off.
"(I) was absent because Verna Arton, by accident, hit me in the mouth with a (base)ball bat. Cut my lip open and knocked 1 (one) tooth out and (the) rest were knocked crooked."
Then she follows with this.
"What a feeling of rejoice(ing) to get back to play(ing) (base)ball."
Rejoice! Yes, getting back to playing ball is a reason to celebrate.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

"I Want Jeter, Not Rodriguez"

I would like to apologize in advance for my lack of blogging the past several weeks. It's just that work and the surprising play of the LA Kings has got me concentrating on things other than Baseball. Fortunately, a recent interview happened that instigated a sports collision between the bat and the puck.

It is not often that Baseball and hockey collide, but this morning there was a clear crash that got me thinking about a potential blog post. Rich Hammond, writer of the "Inside the Kings" blog (Tony Jackson's peer at the Daily News) is in the midst of posting a lengthy interview he recently had with Kings GM Dean Lombardi.

Lombardi was asked about the status of winger Alexander Frolov as a core member of the team, but what is a core player? Lombardi went on to define "core" as player who gives to the team more than just his stats. A core player is someone who cares about winning and being a teammate. He then adds this line.
"I tell these kids, the difference between (Alex) Rodriguez and (Derek) Jeter is a huge friggin' difference. They better understand that I want Jeter, not Rodriguez."
Well said.

So who on the Dodgers do you consider a core member? Who do you consider to be "Jeter-like?"

BTW, "Inside The Kings" is, by far, the best team blog, for any team or sport, from a mainstream news source there is. Rich Hammond is a miracle worker for information-starved fans. My apologies to Dodger Thoughts.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

H&S: Jerseys, Bats and Trophies, Oh My!

Even with the slumping economy sport auctions continue unabated. Huggins & Scott recently closed their February auction that featured many Dodgers related items.

Here is a Tommy Lasorda game worn jersey that dates to the 1981 season. It even features a UNICEF patch on the left sleeve. It sold for $850.00.

This is an item I would proudly put up on my wall. Below is a game used jersey and bat of Fernando Valenzuela. In pristine condition it dates to the early to late 1980's.
A white knit button-down garment with “Dodgers” angled across the chest in solid blue twill, “34” sewn to the back in blue-on-white double twill and “VALENZUELA” arched just above in like fashion. In a style unique to the Dodgers (and temporarily copied by Montreal), the uniform number appears on the left front in red. A “W.A. Goodman & Sons” size “44” local manufacturer's label resides within the collar.
It sold for a relatively affordable $600.00.
Auction Link: Valenzuela Game Used Jersey & Bat:

Below is a game used bat used by "should be" Hall of Famer Gil Hodges. It's in great condition and sold for a lofty $2,300.00.

I always wonder how something as wonderful as this World Series trophy ends up on the auction block. Below is Derrel Thomas 1981 World Series trophy. It sold for $3,750.00.
Auction Link: 1981 WS Trophy:

I'm pretty sure I've briefly written about this set in the past. This auction features a complete 10 card set of 1952 Coca Cola Playing Tips. It features players from the Dodgers, Giants and Yankees and are very difficult to find; especially in good condition. Dodger players Pee Wee Reese, Gil Hodges and Carl Furillo are featured. The team schedule and a color drawing of the player are featured on the front. This complete set sold for $7,500.00.

Videos: If You've Got Time to Waste

Here are 2 videos of the recently unveiled Sports Museum of Los Angeles.

YouTube Videos: SoCalShooter:

YouTube Videos: losangelestimes:

Watch Snider and Maglie fool the guessers on "What's My Line."

YouTube Video: crepehanger47:

Meet Sue Falsone. She is a Dodger physical therapist and first woman in Baseball with that job.

YahooVideo Link: cobrandit:

Open For Business

The season is just about to start. Pitchers and catchers have reported. The smell of Spring is in the air. Our temporary respite has ended as the glory of Summer begins anew.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Rare Card Found by California Couple Now on Auction

As I'm sure most of you have heard, a California couple found a rare 1869 Peck & Snyder Cincinnati Red Stockings trade card that they tried to sell on eBay. As the flurry of inquiries mounted they yanked it off the online auction house and went on a national tour to show it off; including a stop at Jay Leno's tv set.

Well, they have finally consigned the card to Memory Lane Auctions and it is currently available for sale in their auction. Go here to check it out. At the time of this post it is already at $31,573.00 with over 4 days remaining.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Blog Kiosk: 2/1/2009

The Game I Love