Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mastro: Burn That Jersey

Here are some goodies from Mastro's recently closed auction; including a jersey that makes me want to cringe.

Why bother buying packs of cards searching for "big hits" when you can make your own? Here is a custom homemade card featuring a authentic cut signature of Lou Gehrig. I've seen these before on the internet and am always amazed how great these custom cards look compared to today's cards found in boxes. This particular card sold for $2,100.00.

This is the first time I've seen a store display box flap for the 1950's Jackie Robinson dime bank. I would be surprised if any more existed. It sold for $275.00.
Can you ever get enough of Babe Ruth in a Dodger uniform? It sold for $225.00.

Someone must be able to figure out who this guy is. Below is a unknown Brooklyn Dodger cabinet photo from the late 19th century. It sold for $500.00.

Must burn this now! This is a work of Dr. Frankenstein. Below is a split jersey of the Dodgers and Giants featuring autographs of Ralph Branca and Bobby Thompson of "The Shot Heard Round The World" fame. In this lot you also get a signed bat, ball and photo. It sold for $225.00.

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