Sunday, August 03, 2008

Blog Kiosk 8/3/2008

Count me in as I jump onto the Manny bandwagon. We have a legitimate shot at the playoffs and with our pitching staff we can go a long way. It's time to get hot now.
  • Say hello to a new Dodger blog called Bleeding Dodger Blue.
  • If your an autograph hound go to Roscoe's Deli in Fullerton on August 8th from 4PM to 6PM to grab Rex Hundler's John Hancock. (Hat Tip: Bad Wax)
  • Just in case your curious below is Manny Ramirez's Rookie Card. It's a 1992 Bowman.
  • The PSA 5 Honus Wagner card sells for $1,620,000 at the Mastro Auction during The National. Go here to see the results from the auction. Here is Yahoo's story.
  • Check out Beckett's coverage from The National.
  • As I wrote previously, Steve Bartman did not show up at the National Sports Collectors Convention. He was offered $25,000.00 for his signature. See the empty display with 250 $100 bills in a briefcase waiting for his arrival. Check out the story here.
  • This is where Jar Jar belongs- frozen in carbonite. Photos of the ILM campus.
  • Gary Coleman was signed by the Madison Mallards to a one day contract to play Baseball. Check out his signing, first pitch and at-bat below.

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Card Of The Week: Milt Thompson

Below is this weeks card of the week featuring Milt Thompson's 1995 Pinnacle Baseball card. As you can see he is performing the great task of clearing the ballfield from one of those pesky beach balls. Vin would be so proud.

National Rarities

Below are 3 new photos from DMcD of some rare cards and memorabilia found at the National. Go here to see his photoalbum.

These 6 cards belong to the 1894 Alpha Engraving Baltimore Orioles set. They are a part of the collection of Patrick Preece and are on display at the SGC grading booth. This set has 14 cards and only one example of each card is known to exist. Players below include (from the top row, left to right) HOF'er Joe Kelley, soon to be Dodgers coach and HOF'er Wilbert Robinson, HOF'er Ned Hanlon, HOF'er Dan Brouthers, HOF'er John McGraw and HOF'er Hughie Jennings. Willie Keeler is the only other HOF'er not shown here. Needless to say, but with a collection of 7 Hall of Famers on one team you know this group was good. In fact, they were champions that year and are considered by many to be one of the greatest teams to ever take the field.
Below are a couple of Kalamazoo Bats tobacco cards of Jim O'Rourke and Tim Keefe, as well as an Old Judge cabinet card of King Kelly.
This is an extremely rare game used glove from William Wamby. What makes this glove so rare is that it was used during the 1920 World Series when he performed the only triple play ever recorded during the October classic.

Photos Link: DMcD: