Friday, September 01, 2006

A Video Break II: Nancy Bea- When I'm 64

I recall, as a child, coming to Dodgers Stadium with my folks and having the expectation that once I got to my seat I would have a Dodger Dog in one hand, a Coke in the other and I would hear the sweet sounds of the organ playing the background. For your listening pleasure SootikinCharlie brings you Nancy Bea on the organ playing- When I'm 64.

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A Video Break: Los Angeles Dodgers-Over the Years

Below is a great video on YouTube recently produced by cozakos. Great job and keep them coming!

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Welcome to the Blue Marlon

In a last minute deal that was struck before 9 PM yesterday, the deadline for playoff eligibility, the Dodgers picked up a left handed bench player from the Washington Nationals. Marlon Anderson, an original Phillies farmhand, will join the Dodgers in exchange for pitching prospect Jhonny Nunez and cash. Anderson has one year remaining on his contract, and, from my understanding, the Nationals will be paying for approximately half of his salary next season.

This is a good pick-up that should provide additional dividends past this season. He is batting .274 this year with a SLG of .423 and a OPS of .754. As a pinch hitter this year he has 50 at-bats with 12 hits for a .240 batting average and an OPS of .650. Over his career, though, Marlon has been batting .291 with a .794 OPS as a pinch hitter. His career pinch hitting numbers are better than his career averages.