Thursday, November 08, 2007

LaRoche And Team USA Kicked Some Butt Today, 7-0 over Panama

Team USA easily handled the Panamanian team as they routed the Central American foe 7 to 0. Andy LaRoche did much of the damage as he finished up going 3 for 4 with 2 doubles and 4 RBI's.
In the first, with two outs, Andy LaRoche singled, Delwyn Young walked and Evan Longoria ripped a single to center scoring LaRoche. In the second Tyler Colvin led off with a double then after two quick outs centerfielder Colby Rasmus knocked in Colvin with a single to center, Jayson Nix was hit by a pitch and LaRoche ripped a double to right scoring Rasmus and Nix to make it 4-0 USA. The score remained the same until the bottom of the sixth when after singles by shortstop Michael Hollimon and second baseman Jayson Nix, Andy LaRoche once again provided the power by doubling off the centerfield wall, scoring both runners and making it 6-0.
Delwyn Young went 0 for 2 with one walk. Tomorrow, Team USA faces off against undefeated Italy.

Update: Watch the game right here.

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This Years Reclamation Project

Year after year the Dodgers always seem to have a couple of arms in Spring Training that are hoping to earn one last chance at the big leagues. In the past we saw Victor Alvarez and Jose Lima make the team in this manner. In 2008 former Dodger Chan Ho Park hopes to do it too. He has signed a contract to play for the Dodgers and will be showing up this Spring. No doubt it is a tryout with no strings attached.
``Dodgers Town is the spring camp venue where I first started my Major League dreams,'' Park said. ``The terms of the contract are similar to a rookie on the start, but the important thing is that I will be able to play for a team that I always missed.''

It bears further watching whether Park, who always pitched better in the pitcher-friendly Dodger Stadium, can convince new manager Joe Torre that he is worthy of a spot on the Major League roster.

At best, Park could be an insurance player for the Dodgers should starters Jason Schmidt and Randy Wolf fail to return strong from injuries.
Maybe he might be able to regain a little bit of his old form and become a serviceable addition to our relief corps.

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Grey Flannel Auctions: Dodgers Game Used Jerseys

I've never been much of a jersey collector, but I sure would love to be able to put on the jersey above. Grey Flannel has a 900 lot auction currently ongoing that is set to close in early December. Amidst all of the memorabilia you could imagine is a large collection of vintage game-used Dodger jerseys; including the 1951 Jackie Robinson shown above.
“This Dodger jersey, worn by one of the greatest athletes of all time, much less a stellar ball player, bears the script Dodgers brand, which with the New York Yankees is the greatest brand in sports,” company CEO Russek said in a news release. “Figure in the Dodger blue 42 worn by one of the most overall exciting players to wear a uniform and collectors have one of the most cherished pieces that could come to the auction block.”
By my count there are 19 different Dodger jersey lots; including one lot that includes only Dodger pants. It's incredible the things people collect. Available are Dodger heroes such as Claude O'Steen, Jay Johnstone, Pedro Guerrero, Orel Hershiser, Dusty Baker and Don Sutton. Current stars include Jeff Kent, Saito and Russell Martin.

The most intriguing uniform is that of Jesse Orosco's from Spring Training in 1988. It even has the "Vero Beach 40th ANNIVERSARY" patch. As you all probably know, it was Jesse Orosco who pulled off a Spring Training prank on newly signed outfielder Kirk Gibson.
In a celebrated incident on the first day of spring training, Gibson grew enraged when clubhouse prankster Jesse Orosco smeared the sweatband of his cap with eye black, his reaction setting the tone for the professionalism and competitiveness that would fuel the Los Angeles' pennant drive.
They didn't just win the pennant that year. They became World Champions. I wonder if Jesse was wearing this uniform when Gibson went into his tirade.
One of the more unique items in the auction is the below turnstile from Dodger Stadium. Imagine coming home every night and seeing this. Every day could be like going to Dodger Stadium.
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Dodgers, Angels, Giants, Padres and A's Get Together for Charity Auction

All five California Baseball teams have gotten together to help raise money for Southern California's fire victims. The auction runs through November 25 and can be found here, at auction website.

My favorite items is the Dodgers St. Patrick's Day Jersey. There is also a team autographed jersey, ball and bat of the SF Giants, and, get this, Barry Bonds signature is not included! (Just another reason to hate the guy.)

So help out if you can and get some cool stuff too.

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The Skydash Find

No. This can't be real. One afternoon, several weeks back, I was checking out my favorite collector forum- Net 54 Vintage Baseball Card Forum. Some of the most informed collectors and dealers in the country frequent this site.

On that day a new poster, using the name Skydash55, chimed in claiming to have inherited a large collection of vintage baseball cards. He was looking for some guidance about its worth and direction about what he should do with them.
“I just inherited approx. 1,200 t206 cards and 157 colgan “tin tops.” The cards are from about 1900-1910 and there are around 15 different cig. companies. I don’t know where to start!”
As you can imagine many folks were skeptical. How many times have we heard about a great find- especially a T206 Honus Wagner find- that turn out to be fakes or elaborate scams.

Fortunately for Skydash the cards are as real as you and me.
It turned out that Skydash lives in upstate South Carolina, as does one of the veteran board members, Brian Weisner. Between the help from Weisner and numerous other board members, the gradual postings slowly uncovered the inevitable – some of the rarest, high-grade E270 Colgan’s Chips Tin Tops in existence...

The excitement reached epic proportions when he posted some blurry images, one which appeared to be the one of the rarest cards in the entire set. (See the Jim Thorpe above)

“THORPE TIN TOP!!!” one board member typed.

“Sure looks like Thorpe!” was the post made by another member. By now, the major auction houses began to take notice of what was going on...
From my understanding, there is only one other Thorpe in existence, and it resides in the personal collection of Larry Fritsch, a legendary veteran card collector and dealer. (Update: I recently read that there are actually 3 known Thorpe's and now there are 4. This Thorpe is by far the best condition tin top in the hobby.)

The best part about these kind of discoveries is the story behind the find.
His wife’s grandfather, who originally owned the cards and was a collector, passed away in 1964.

“When he died, my father-in-law and mother-in-law drove to the funeral and arrived a day early,” said Skydash55. “When he passed, he had four boxes. Two of the boxes contained the baseball cards and Tin Tops. The other two boxes contained memorabilia – uniforms and signed baseballs, including a Babe Ruth game-worn, signed jersey.

“But, when my father-in-law arrived at the house, he was going through his things and asked where his baseball cards were. They told him they were thrown away, that they were just trash. So he literally went to the trash dump and dug those things out, but he only found the cards. He didn’t find the uniforms.”
Man-O-Live! A Babe Ruth game used uniform?

The cards will auctioned through Mastro in their upcoming December auction. BTW, Skydash's collection is valued at over $1 million and the Jim Thorpe above will easily reach 6 figures, and then some.

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