Monday, June 07, 2010

Dodger Pick Zach Lee

For the Dodgers first pick of the 2010 Amateur Draft they pick talented two star athlete Zach Lee. He represents a huge risk for the Dodgers since he has committed to LSU and is expected to compete as their quarterback. Signing him may be very difficult.

Go to Memories of Kevin Malone for a more in depth look at him.

Above is his 2008 Team USA Upper Deck card. He is the kid on the right.

2010 Draft Tonight

Tonight will begin the first round of the 2010 amateur Baseball draft. With the Dodgers locked into the 28th spot and with teams unable to trade draft picks to move up or down don't expect this to be a barn-burner. In fact, the only entertaining event will be when Washington picks the soon to be millionaire Bryce Harper forcing everyone to wonder if the buckets of cash he will get is justified for a kid who will take at least a couple of years of seasoning in the minors before he is ready for the show- at a minimum.
Check out who was in New York to ring the opening bell at NASDAQ.

Who in this photo doesn't belong. I see Tommy, Frank Robinson and Billy Williams. So, who's the tall guy? Ike Davis? Really? This photo just don't look right.

The Coleman Lifelike Scoreboard

This is a great group of vintage photos found on the always incredible Shorpy Blog.

Taken on August 2, 1924 in Washington, D.C. at the National Theater it features the lengths you would have to go through to get up to the minute news of their favorite team.
(Pic Link:Shorpy)

This is the Coleman Lifelike Scoreboard where game play by play was announced and shown to an eager crowd. It originally debuted in 1913. Below is what it looks like behind the scenes.
(Pic Link:Shorpy)

Vintage Dodger Snapshots: Maury Wills

Here are some vintage fan taken snapshots of Maury Wills.