Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Video: XXL National Ushers in the New Season

Here is another episode from XXL National.

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Show and Tell: Dodger Fan Shows Us His Rare Scorecard

Here is an item you don't see everyday. It's a scorecard from the Dodgers minor league affiliate Montreal Royals. All of the great Dodgers of the 50's came through there. In fact, this scorecard is from a day Tommy Lasorda pitched. Anyway, Dodger fan and blogger Jason Wilder shares this item from his collection. (Please check out the link here for more info on this scorecard.) I'd love to see more of this from the blogosphere. I know there has got to be more incredible stuff out there in Dodgerland.

If you find something while cruising the online highway or post something yourself on your own site please let me know. This is the kind of stuff I like to see.

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