Monday, November 12, 2007

Lelands Auction: November 2007

Lelands, once again, has a great collection of Baseball photos on auction. I thought I would take the space to share some of my favorites.

Below is a photo of the infamous, yet spectacular White Sox outfielder, "Shoeless" Joe Jackson. It was taken after the 1919 World Series and shows a man who doesn't seem able to smile. "Say it ain't so Joe."

Eddie Gaedel will forever live as Bill Veeck's greatest stunt. The 3'8" man, shown below, is the shortest person to every play in the majors.

In the 50's the Dodgers went on many world tours in hopes of spreading the glory of Baseball. Below is a 1956 photo during the teams Tour of Japan series. Jim Gilliam is the only recognizable face. Photo comes from the archives of Roger Craig.

We've all seen photos of the great Sandy Koufax throwing a Baseball, but have you ever seen him playing football. Below he cradles a ball like it's a newborn baby.

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LaRoche and Young Hit Homers Over The Weekend

After a surprising loss to Italy on Friday, Team USA decided to get back on track by beating Japan and routing Spain over the weekend. On top of that, there was plenty of Dodger news in these games.

On Saturday, in the 5 to 1 victory over Japan, Delwyn Young was the big hero as he drove in three runs in the first inning on a homerun to centerfield. He also made a highlight catch in the outfield.
Duensing (the Team USA pitcher) was helped by a spectacular over-the-shoulder catch from Young, who crashed face-first into the wall and managed to hold onto the ball and double up Kenji Yokoyama at first, saving at least one run.
Andy LaRoche earned 2 walks and scored twice. Our star closer, Takashi Saito, came in to provide some relief for Japan as Team USA pelted the Japanese starting pitcher. He faced just 2 batters, getting them both out to end the second inning.

On Sunday, Team USA unloaded on Spain, 12 to 1. Andy LaRoche did much of the damage as he belted 2 homeruns; his first to start the game and his second to cap the teams scoring for the day. He finished up with two homeruns and 4 RBI's. Delwyn Young walked twice and scored once.

In the tournament so far, Andy LaRoche leads the team with three homers and nine RBI's. Also,
of the nine runs Team USA has yielded in the first five games seven have been unearned.
Again, watch the games right here.

Box Score: USA 5, Japan 1:
Box Score: USA 12, Spain 2:
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