Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Chatting with AGon on the Tweet Seat #AGonChat

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month Adrian Gonzalez sat behind the computer this afternoon to talk directly with fans on twitter. As you can imagine, he received hundreds of questions, but only had enough time to answer a few.  Check some of my favorite exchanges below.

BTW, the Dodgers have put together a "Tweet Seat" session with either a player or someone from behind the scenes numerous times over the past three years.  Go here to check out my past post about them.  Previous guest include Farhan Zaidi, Vin Scully and Corey Seager.


Adrian Gonzalez started promptly by letting us know what his backup plan was had a career in Baseball not work out.   
Have you ever wondered what's going through his head before a game.  His tweet below provides a small glimpse.

Topps First Pitch Cards of Jessica Alba and Elle Fanning

One of my favorite inserts from this season is Topps "First Pitch" set, so imagine my delight when some new cards came to light.  Check out the Jessica Alba and Elle Fanning cards below.

I ran into these cards while perusing eBay and I'm now scratching my head wondering where the heck they came from.  I now for a fact they have yet to be included into Topps flagship sets, but based on their existence it seems likely they'll be in the upcoming "Update" set coming out next month.

For the moment, the Alba and Fanning cards are available only as 5"x7" jumbo cards and are limited in number, so they must have come directly from Topps online.  Over the past year Topps has been selling limited edition 5x7 cards to collectors.  Oftentimes, they are larger size versions of cards already found in packs, but sometimes they offer entirely new and unique sets.

With regards to the "First Pitch" set they recreated the 25 card set found in Topps Series 1 & 2 in 5x7 form, and have them for sale right now (check them out here).  As you know, first pitches featured at Dodger Stadium in Series 1 & 2 include Jeff Bridges, Jermaine Jones, Suzy, Kelsey Grammer and Melissa McCarthy, but no Alba or Fanning.  So, what gives?

Are these cards a part of that set Topps is currently selling, or was there a second set of cards Topps created that is no longer listed on their website?  Since the checklist provided at Topps doesn't include either of these actors I hesitate to assume they are a part of that set.  If you happen to know where these come from please let me know.

In the meantime, take a gander at these ladies throwing the ball.

2015 Topps Heritage Minor League - All the Dodgers Cards

Here is another new Baseball card set from Topps.  It is a part of their Heritage brand and focuses on minor league prospects.  Go here for a complete checklist.

Called Topps Heritage Minor League it features the best and brightest young stars in the game.  Both Julio Urias and Corey Seager are included.  Unfortunately, autographed cards of either of them are not available.  As you can see, its design is based on the vintage 1966 Topps Baseball set.  Check out all of the Dodger cards available in packs below.

Of note is the Corey Seager Base Short Print card.  That Oklahoma City Dodgers uniform he's wearing is sharp looking.

Base Set

#1 Julio Urias                                       #9 Jose De Leon

Blog Kiosk: 9/22/2015 - Dodger Links - Anderson, Jansen and Jaime Jarrin

Brett Anderson got knocked around pretty good last night.  He went 4.2 innings, giving up ten hits, five runs and two round-trippers.  Anderson struck out only one batter.  It was not his best game and an worrisome loss as we head towards the end of the season.  Hopefully, this is just a minor speed bump.  Per Ken Gurnick at MLB.com:
"My stuff was fine," he said, rejecting a suggestion that he is fatiguing. "They were swinging early in the count and just hit me. Only a handful of times I feel I just got beat and today was one of those times. They had a good game plan, like they were angry at the baseball or something, hitting rockets. It was just a bad outing. I only have a couple more and I expect to pitch better."

He also wants to pitch regularly. While management has been trying to give him extra days of rest, especially after he suffered a calf cramp three starts ago, Anderson feels whatever benefit is negated by messing with routine.

"I would like to be on normal rest to get back in the rhythm," Anderson said. "It's tough, trying to get me extra rest. I'm in uncharted territory with starts and stuff; still, I'd like to get in a normal routine. That's when I was pitching the best, every four or five days and knowing what I'm doing day in and day out."
Photo of Anderson above via @SportsNet LA on twitter.  Below are more links to check out:
  • Dustin Nosler at Dodgers Digest shares his "2015 Dodgers All-Prospect Team."
  • ICYMI: Jaime Jarrin has signed a three-year deal to remain the voice of the Dodgers in Spanish.  He is currently 79-years old and in his 57th year with the franchise.  Per a Dodger press release:
    “I’ve been so blessed,” said Jarrín of his tenure with the Dodgers and his broadcasting career.  “It has been such a special time sharing the broadcasts with our fans and having my son, Jorge, join me in the booth.  I started thinking about the number 60 in my mind this season.  I sat down with the Dodgers and agreed on three more years to get to my 60th year and then we’ll see about the future at that time.  I’m still having a great time and I love what I am doing.  And the Dodgers and our fans have been very supportive.”
  • Kenley Jansen has been fantastic.  Via Owen Watson at Just a Bit Outside, "When one pitch is all you need."
And so we have Jansen. We know he’s great. He’s been great for a few years now; with his almost sole use of a hard cutter, it’s easy and fun to compare him to a version of Mariano Rivera. With that lofty comparison made, it might not be surprising that he’s putting together a very unique, special season.

Consider this fact: Jansen went the first month and a half of his season without walking a batter. He was injured for April, but after he debuted in mid-May, he didn’t issue a walk until June 28th. During that time, he struck out 26 batters in 15.2 innings. That’s a mind-boggling mix of dominance and control, and it’s formed the basis of what Jansen has become in 2015.
  • I totally missed this.  Via Jason Foster at the Sporting News, "Dodgers owner Magic Johnson doesn't know what time his team plays."
  • Even though this is the Pittsburgh Pirates enjoying themselves at Dodger Stadium I though I should pass it along.  Via Extra Mustard on Sports Illustrated, "Pirates dressed up like superheroes after beating Dodgers."  There are some fun pictures to enjoy.

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