Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Chatting with AGon on the Tweet Seat #AGonChat

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month Adrian Gonzalez sat behind the computer this afternoon to talk directly with fans on twitter. As you can imagine, he received hundreds of questions, but only had enough time to answer a few.  Check some of my favorite exchanges below.

BTW, the Dodgers have put together a "Tweet Seat" session with either a player or someone from behind the scenes numerous times over the past three years.  Go here to check out my past post about them.  Previous guest include Farhan Zaidi, Vin Scully and Corey Seager.


Adrian Gonzalez started promptly by letting us know what his backup plan was had a career in Baseball not work out.   
Have you ever wondered what's going through his head before a game.  His tweet below provides a small glimpse.

A fan then ask if he turns up "El Mariachi Loco" after a win.  Unfortunately, he doesn't provide the answer you would hope.  Frankly, I find this rather unfair of his teammates.  They should mix it up a bit when it comes to post-game tunes. 
Now we're getting to the good stuff... Ya know, the kind of stuff we really want to know.

Like, how's your fantasy football team doing.... And, has Zack taken any of your players yet?
How about your favorite Mexican dish?
No sour cream, though.

Let me repeat that.

Then he gets a bit snarky when one fan asked, "why do tripas smell weird?"
Lastly, this last answer from Adrian was on the top of my mind.  A fan asked him, "what happened to the bubble machine?" 
I guess I shouldn't be surprised.  The Bubble machine was last years magic good luck charm.  This season they've got the "Rally Banana." 

Pic at the very top via @Dodgers on twitter.

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