Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Topps First Pitch Cards of Jessica Alba and Elle Fanning

One of my favorite inserts from this season is Topps "First Pitch" set, so imagine my delight when some new cards came to light.  Check out the Jessica Alba and Elle Fanning cards below.

I ran into these cards while perusing eBay and I'm now scratching my head wondering where the heck they came from.  I now for a fact they have yet to be included into Topps flagship sets, but based on their existence it seems likely they'll be in the upcoming "Update" set coming out next month.

For the moment, the Alba and Fanning cards are available only as 5"x7" jumbo cards and are limited in number, so they must have come directly from Topps online.  Over the past year Topps has been selling limited edition 5x7 cards to collectors.  Oftentimes, they are larger size versions of cards already found in packs, but sometimes they offer entirely new and unique sets.

With regards to the "First Pitch" set they recreated the 25 card set found in Topps Series 1 & 2 in 5x7 form, and have them for sale right now (check them out here).  As you know, first pitches featured at Dodger Stadium in Series 1 & 2 include Jeff Bridges, Jermaine Jones, Suzy, Kelsey Grammer and Melissa McCarthy, but no Alba or Fanning.  So, what gives?

Are these cards a part of that set Topps is currently selling, or was there a second set of cards Topps created that is no longer listed on their website?  Since the checklist provided at Topps doesn't include either of these actors I hesitate to assume they are a part of that set.  If you happen to know where these come from please let me know.

In the meantime, take a gander at these ladies throwing the ball.

Jessica Alba came out to Dodger Stadium on August 17th of last season, and caused quite a stir.  In fact, she was so popular even Zach Greinke couldn't hide the joy on his face.  Watch her first pitch below.

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Below, she talks a bit about throwing the first pitch.

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Elle Fanning came out on June 4th to promote her role in the movie Maleficent.  As you may know, Fanning has a Baseball bloodline.  Her father, Steven J. Fanning, was drafted by the Cardinals in 1988 and played minor league ball for eight season.  Check out his stats here. Unfortunately, he never made it to the show, but did advance as high as Triple-A.  Watch Elle's first pitch below.

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Fanning talks about throwing out the first pitch below.

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