Thursday, October 23, 2014

It's All Fun and Games Until Somebody Makes a Stupid Hat

I recently saw the above meme image on a sports social media site called FanCred and almost spit up my lunch. 

What the heck is this monstrosity?  Who in their right mind would want something like this? 

Ya know, I get that Dodger fans have gotten behind the Royals.  Heck, I most definitely am rooting for them.  But to make this eyesore of a hat makes me cringe like every episode of 'Between Two Ferns' I've ever seen.  (BTW, if you haven't seen the newest episode with Brad Pitt then do it now.  Here's a link)

For all I know, I've been trolled and this image in nothing but an elaborate Photoshop creation.  Still, the thought that this may exist or that someone actually thought it up makes me sad.  Very sad, indeed.

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2014 Topps Update Baseball - The Dodger Insert Cards

Here are all of the Dodger insert cards found in packs of 2014 Topps Update.  The All Star Access cards at the very bottom are only found in retail packs.  Go here to find all of my post related to this set.  Tomorrow I'll show the various Dodger relic and autograph cards available.

1989 Topps Minis Die Cut

#TM-AG Adrian Gonzalez                  #TM-CKE Clayton Kershaw

2014 Panini Hall of Fame 75th Anniversary Baseball - All the Dodger Base Cards

Here is a last look at Panini's 2014 Hall of Fame 75th Anniversary Baseball card set.  The base set is numbered to 100 and includes 100 different players.  But each player in the set has three different variations available that includes a different photo on the front and a completely different reverse.  So, you could either try to complete a 100-card set or work on the difficult task of a completing the 300-card master set.  Furthermore, as is the norm there are numerous parallels available of each variation.  Go here to check out a complete checklist, or go here to check out all of my previous post on this Hall of Fame set from Panini.

BTW, all three different base cards are numbered to 75.  Parallels include: Red #/50, Blue #/25, Green #/10, Gold #/5, Black 1/1.

Check out the Dodger cards below.  When possible I have included a pic of the reverse of the card.

#29 Zack Wheat

Blog Kiosk: 10/23/2014 - Dodger Links - Kershaw and Gordon Make Sporting News All-Star Team

Here is a fantastic 1947 AP photo featuring rising star outfielder Pete Reiser with three newly signed Dodger coaches.  Per the descriptor on the reverse:
Feb 3, 1947.  "REISER SHOWS COACHES.  Pete Reiser (right), star outfielder of the Brooklyn Dodgers, demonstrates batting grip to three newly signed Dodger coaches, left to right: Clyde Sukeforth, Aldoboro, Me., Ray Blades, McLeansboro, Ill.. and Jake Pitler of Binghamton. N.Y., In the Brooklyn, N.Y. office of the Dodgers, Feb. 3."
I ran into this photo on eBay.  Check it out here.

Here are some links to check out:
  • Continuing a tradition that goes all the way back to the 1920's, The Sporting News announced their National League All-Star team yesterday, and it includes Clayton Kershaw and Dee Gordon.  Check out their story here.  They even made some fantasy Baseball cards for each player fashioned after the 1954 Topps Baseball card set that are worth a look.  Check out the Dee Gordon on the right.
  • Via Mike Podhorzer at RotoGraphs, "Dee Gordon: The New Juan Pierre?"
Smartly, Gordon takes full advantage of his speed and complete lack of power by slapping the ball on the ground. But he had a pop-up problem in the past. He got that under control finally and actually posted a lower than average mark. His batted ball profile looks a lot closer to Juan Pierre‘s now, which is where it needs to be. He’ll need a high BABIP though because he strikes out far more than Pierre ever did.
"Everybody in the dugout was letting me know I was a triple away, so I was going for it," said Sweeney, who had five triples for Double-A Chattanooga last year. "Lance held up the runner because he probably would've gotten thrown out at home. That's just the way the game goes sometimes."
  • Via the Korea Times, "Ryu Hyun-jin reflects on his second season, vows to take better care of his body."
“I don’t want to go through the same fate next season. I think I am going to have to take care of my body better in the winter. I will start my offseason training earlier than before and focus on preventing injuries.”
  • Via Chris Erskine at the LA Times, "Where Giants are concerned, Dodgers fans have a spite to the finish."  This is a fun article about how much we Dodger fans hate the Giants.
I think it was God who summed it up best the other day, when he tweeted: "Go Giants! And take the 49ers with you!"
  • Topps newest direct-sale poster print are called "Topps Historic World Series Winners" and below is a pic of the Dodger print.  They are limited to only 99 copies, are already framed and are priced at $74.99.  Go here to check it out
  • So, one of my favorite LA Kings blogs, The Royal Half, recently asked me if they could use some of my photos from a 'Meet the Players' session a couple of years back, so I happily obliged.  I had no idea what they wanted it for, but figured it would be for some sort of collage with a bunch of other fan photos.  Instead, something more hilarious occurred and I can't stop laughing about it.  I got photoshopped out.  LOL!  Check it out here. The ghostly version of me looks like a deformed ET.  Am I right?

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