Sunday, April 23, 2006

Dodgers Win!!

Dodgers hold on for the win. 6-4. Tomko had a shaky start, but ended up righting the ship in time to preserve the win. I can't say enough about JD Drew. He's having a great year so far. His swing and timing are perfectly in tune. We are on that march up the mountain.

On to other good news. I opened my mail today and found some eBay goodies. Mostly some of those autographed baseball cards, but there was one gem. Hidden within two pieces of stiff cardboard was a 6x9 inch large postcard of Gil Hodges Lanes in Brooklyn, New York. A luxurious palace with 48 Brunswick Gold Crown Lanes. On the back it's called the "Night Club of Bowling Alleys."

Wow! That reminds of my childhood. Hanging out with Pops at the weekly bowling tournament. I'd gleefully watch as middle aged men, many with tires around their bellies larger than today's Hummers, would gracefully float that round rock down the lanes. In all that ugliness there was plenty of beauty. Its funny when you think about it.

It also reminds me of that fateful night on Ocober 16, 1985. I was with my dad at a bowling alley watching the game as my Dad rolled his frames. It was one of my saddest Dodger moments. Tom Niedenfuer against Jack Clark at Dodger Stadium. Two on- 2nd and 3rd. Dodgers up by one over the Cards. 5-4. Its the top of he ninth and a Dodger win would even the NLCS to three games a piece. As fate would have it, the man, I would continue to hate even as he became batting coach for the Dodgers later on in his career, hit a impactful 3-run homer. And you know what made it worse? Jack Clark hit the first pitch into the stands. Like he knew it was coming. My heart sank and the Dodgers ride was over. Cardinal win the series four game to two. I still tear up when I think about it.