Tuesday, September 20, 2011

20 Wins!!!!

Clayton Kershaw gets win #20 against the Giants. WooHoo!

Congrats Big Guy!

It wasn't all his doing. He had a little help from his friends. Loney knocked in a run in the 1st inning and Jerry Sands hit a homer in the 2nd. Then, Kenley Jansen helped Kershaw out of a mess by striking out both Sandoval and Beltran to finish off the 8th inning, and Guerra pitched a scoreless 9th.

The only thing that would be better would be to knock the Gnats out of the playoffs. I think that will come later.
(Pic Credit: Jon SooHoo LA Dodgers)

Check Out This Marquee Koufax

Holy mackerel! Here is a Sandy Koufax 2011 Topps Marquee Gametime Momentos booklet with both an autograph and relic uniform piece. With one day left it is already over $1000.00.
(eBay Auction Link)

Star Wars Night This Past Friday

As you know, it was Star Wars Night at Dodger Stadium this past Friday and I thought I would collect some photos and videos of the occasion. I didn't go to the game myself, but I did enjoyed a viewing of "Jedi" and some of the bonus videos from the newly released Blue-Ray CD that evening. Yhea, I'm a bit of a geek.

Anyway, let's start off with a brief video of the night from the Dodgers.
Video Link:

By the way, there are several other blogs and message boards that provided a great first hand look at the event. I thought the best one was Victor's R2D2 Building Diary. See it here. Victor is the master genius builder of the R2D2 in attendance and he provided a whole bunch of pics and videos worth a look. Then check out their entire photoset in flickr.

Here are some Twitter pics I found.
(Pic Link: @ears_of_steam)

(Pic Link: @gregsanchez)

This is the Dodger press box. In the middle is DJ Severe who is the DJ at Dodger games.
(Pic Link: @djsevere)

And to conclude this post is the definite highlight of the night. Check out some fire works set to the music of Star Wars.

Video Link:

Daily Conlon: 334 through 342

This is todays Daily Conlon cards numbered 334 through 342, and it features nothing but deadball era no-hitters. Unfortunately, no Dodger is highlighted as throwing one in this group, but it does point to a couple of no-hitter pitched against the Dodgers. Even worse, both no-hitters were thrown by Giants.

Red Ames (on the top row, far left) threw his "no-no" early in the season in 1909. He blanked us in a 13 inning game against Kaiser Wilhelm. Both pitchers were phenomenal, unfortunately, Ames was just a little better. Wilhelm gave up 3 runs in the 13th inning to lose it 3-0. An amazing fact about the game is that the Giants outfield did not record one putout.

Giants pitcher Rube Marquard (bottom row, far right) threw his no-hitter against the Dodgers in 1915. It was his first start of the season as he blanked us 2-0. Of special note, Marquard would orchestrate his own trade to the Dodgers later on in that season. He wanted to play for his mentor and favorite coach, Wilbert "Uncle Robbie" Robinson.