Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Daily Conlon: 334 through 342

This is todays Daily Conlon cards numbered 334 through 342, and it features nothing but deadball era no-hitters. Unfortunately, no Dodger is highlighted as throwing one in this group, but it does point to a couple of no-hitter pitched against the Dodgers. Even worse, both no-hitters were thrown by Giants.

Red Ames (on the top row, far left) threw his "no-no" early in the season in 1909. He blanked us in a 13 inning game against Kaiser Wilhelm. Both pitchers were phenomenal, unfortunately, Ames was just a little better. Wilhelm gave up 3 runs in the 13th inning to lose it 3-0. An amazing fact about the game is that the Giants outfield did not record one putout.

Giants pitcher Rube Marquard (bottom row, far right) threw his no-hitter against the Dodgers in 1915. It was his first start of the season as he blanked us 2-0. Of special note, Marquard would orchestrate his own trade to the Dodgers later on in that season. He wanted to play for his mentor and favorite coach, Wilbert "Uncle Robbie" Robinson.

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