Thursday, April 26, 2007

Let's Go Dodgers!

Arrrgg! Barry beating the Dodgers just really hurts. No amount of grief counseling could possibly ameliorate the pain in my side and the ache in my head. Why, oh why, do the Barry's and their orange minions continue to hurt me so?

The rivalry between the Dodgers and Giants has a long history, but I won't recount it here. All I know is that this is the best series Baseball has to offer on the West Coast. Unfortunately, the Dodgers have gotten off to slow starts against the Giants. Hopefully, they can close out tonight's game with a win before they head to San Diego.

By the way, alphadk, on flickr, has some great Dodger pics, so feel free to check them out by clicking the link below.Photo Link: Flickr: alphadk:

No More Radio Delay

For those of you who enjoy going to the game with a mitt in one hand and a hand-held radio in the other can rest easy. No longer do you have to watch the game live only to hear it with a 7 second delay. No longer will you wait in line for the restrooms and hear dialog about a play long past. It will all be in sync soon. Starting this coming Wednesday broadcast of AM 980 will no longer be delayed.

Story Link: LA Times:

Photo Link: Farther Off the Wall:

Funny thing, as I searched the internet for a picture of a Dodger radio I stumbled upon a old story from late last year that had the perfect picture of what I was looking for and was related to AM 980. Click the Photo link above for a story about the radio station and the likelihood it may not be broadcasting Dodger games next year- the 2008 season. Has there been any follow-up on this? Are negotiations still ongoing, or will the Dodgers be looking for a new home next season? Will the McCourts seek to expand their revenue flow by purchasing their own station? Could this be a step towards an expanded Dodger media empire?

First we see Dodgers On Demand, then a Dodger-centric radio station, then a Dodger-centric cable channel. The possibilities are endless.