Friday, November 11, 2011

2011 Topps Tier 1 Dodger Autos

To follow up on my yesterday post highlighting Dodger base cards from the newly release 2011 Topps Tier 1 card set, here are some of the autographs randomly inserted in packs. The Koufax is clearly the best of the bunch

Blog Kiosk: 11/11/2011

Nice hat, Matt! I think Brandon Phillips is a bad influence. BTW, that's a real possum fur touk. (pic via BrandonPhillips Lockerz twitter)
  • Jamey Carroll is close to signing a multi-year deal, via MLB Trade Rumors. Sounds like the Dodgers are not in the picture. Some good not trading him did us. UPDATE: Looks like a done deal. Carroll to sign with Twins, via MLB Trade Rumors.
  • Rod Barajas leaves for Pittsburgh, via Dodger Thoughts.
  • Baseball by the Letters hears from former Dodger Carl Erskine.
    "I usually receive eight or ten letters on the average each day. I try to answer right away, because when I can't, they pile up.

    I do them all myself and read each one. I consider fans the backbone of the game -- and I consider signing an extension of my career."
  • The Kansas City Star writes about the Negro League Baseball Museum and the top 5 can't miss exhibits there.
  • REA believes that all of the 2001 Barry Bonds Home Run Jerseys sold by Bonds own authentication company are fake. Figures!
  • A Star Trek premium card is being released, at $50 per pack, and it includes an autographed Christian Slater card. As Beckett notes, instead of receiving payment for his signature Slater received a collection of Star Trek cards instead.
  • Landon Evanson at Bugs & Cranks has a 2 part interview with Bob Kendrick, President of the Negro League Baseball Museum, regarding the legacy of Buck O'Neil: Part1, Part 2.
  • College Football has Sandusky, MLB had Donald Fitzgerald. This is a story that I have never heard of before. It's incredibly sad and disgusting. Via The Post Game.
  • On this Veterans Day, here is a great video (originally put up by Sully Baseball) featuring Ted Williams and his time as a jet pilot in the Korean War.

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eBay: Dodgers Preparing for the World Series

Here is a great 1956 New York Times press photo, dated October 2. From the press clipping on the reverse:
Dodger preparations for the World Series. The Dodger starting lineup. Left to right: Roy Campanella, Carl Furillo, Gil Hodges, Sandy Amoros, Jackie Robinson, Duke Snider, Pee Wee Reese, Junior Gilliam, Sal Maglie and Walter Alston.

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