Friday, August 26, 2011

The 1st Beatles CD Winner Is....

So, who wins the first CD in the Beatles give-away contest? Well check out the randomization results below to find out.

...But before we go there I want to remind you to come on back tomorrow morning for a contest for the 2nd CD and details for another random drawing for a 3rd CD that will conclude Tuesday evening.

Now, back to tonight's results.

Here is the 1st randomization.
2nd Randomization.And the Winner is....
Kimberley B! Congrats. I'll try to contact you. If you didn't provide a email address please contact me via my address here. Strike that! I don't have an email for you, please contact me.

Bob Eubanks Talks About the Dodgers and Beatles

Here is a great video from the Dodgers featuring Mark Langill, the Dodger historian, speaking with Bob Eubanks about the Beatles and his memories about their concert at Dodger Stadium. Also, there is still time to enter the Beatles contest drawing that will conclude this evening. Go here for details. More Beatles contest will follow over the next several days.

UPDATE: Be sure to also check out Vin Scully is My Homeboy and True Blue LA as they are also running their own Beatles CD contest this weekend.

Video Link:

Blog Kiosk: 8/26/2011

Here is a photo from "Crazy Blue Day" in 1979, via Lockerz: LA Dodgers Twitter. BTW, there is still time to enter the Beatles contest drawing for a free CD. Go here for details, and check us out daily for the next few days as we give away another Beatles CD each morning.

Lelands: A Look Back at Some of their Vintage Stuff

A couple of weeks back Lelands held their August auction of Baseball cards and memorabilia. I had previously featured a Campanella game-used bat and a vintage Honus Wagner owned pocket watch, but wanted to revisit the the auction and point out a few other nice vintage Baseball memorabilia items I thought were worth mentioning.

I thought this was one of the more outstanding vintage memorabilia items in their auction. This is a early 20th century silver Baseball figural music box that plays "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." The only other known example was found in the Wrigley Estate. It sold for $13,145.00.

I'm not much of a vintage Baseball glove collector, but I do appreciate the history and evolution of Baseball equipment. Here is a sample of one of the earliest gloves used in the game. This is a circa 1880's fingerless Baseball glove. Imagine playing the game with only this on the field. It sold for $12,548.00.

(Auction Link)

This is for the LA Baseball history buffs. This is a silver presentation Baseball and bat that was presented to former PCL manager of the Los Angeles Angels, Frank Chance, in 1916-1917.

The Ball – Professionally stamped on a side panel to cite: “Los Angeles…Champions…Pacific Coast League…1917…Frank L. Chance…Manager.” The entire commemoration is visible from a single vantage. Research has divulged that this piece was awarded in March, 1917 in celebration of the team’s winning the 1916 PCL pennant....

The Bat – “Frank L. Chance” is engraved on the barrel’s sweet spot, and situated at the “trademark” is the professionally stamped citation, “Chance Day…From…Los Angeles Fans…Nov 5 – 1916.” According to the Los Angeles Times from November 6, 1916, Chance Day "was a splendid testimonial to Johnny Powers, Frank Chance and the team and gave ample assurance that the Angels, after several years' absence from the limelight, have been enthroned in public favor." Both the L.A. Times and the San Francisco Chronicle reported on the "Chance Day" festivities. The day started with a race between Barney Oldfield and Kelly Powers and moved smoothly from one event to the next, including: a movie of a fake baseball game, a "high baritone" singer, a comic named Carl Sawyer who had once tried out for the Angels, and finally the "Angel-All-Star game" between the Los Angeles Angels and Major League All-Stars. Chance's team coaxed him into playing first base and he ended up scoring the winning run after ten innings. The final score was 3-2, Angels. The day was a "Howling Success."
The pair sold for $13,743.00.
(Auction Link)

2011 Topps Lineage: Dodgers Base Cards

A couple of weeks ago Topps released their 2011 Baseball Lineage set. The base cards have their own unique design (which I find extremely boring) and various inserts that harken back to older Topps sets. I'll feature some of those inserts in a future post, but for now I'll focus on the base cards and some of their parallels.

These cards were from a group case break I participated in a couple of weeks ago through the Community Gum blog. I snagged the Dodgers as my team and was rewarded with a bounty of booty. In fact, I have a bunch of Dodger team sets and would be willing to give a couple away to anyone who is interested. Just make a post here requesting a team set with your contact information and I'll get right back to you. Only 2 are available for now.

In the meantime check out all 8 Dodger base cards to the set (above and below). Click on any pic to embiggen. In my mind, the design just seems lacking. I'm bored by it. What's worse is the reverse of the cards. Boring! There are no stats when, clearly, there is enough room to add some. Heck, why not include some vintage style cartoon like old Topps cards use to have.
Before I go on to some of the parallel cards I received in the case break check out the reverse of this Clayton Kershaw card below. It is a special insert card called Lineage Venezuela. From 1959 to 1968 Topps produced exclusive Spanish language Baseball cards for the Venezuelan card market. Oftentimes, they were just like the normal American set except the size of the set was smaller, quality tended to be a step down, and the reverse would feature Spanish instead of English. The Kershaw card below, as you can see, is in Spanish. I don't have a clue what it says, but other blogs I've read suggest that who ever wrote these bio's have a poor grasp of the language. If that is the case with the Kershaw please let me know.
Now on to some of the parallel cards of the base set. Here are a couple of Diamond Anniversary refractors.
Here are two Platinum Diamond Anniversary parallel cards. These cards are so shiny!