Friday, August 26, 2011

2011 Topps Lineage: Dodgers Base Cards

A couple of weeks ago Topps released their 2011 Baseball Lineage set. The base cards have their own unique design (which I find extremely boring) and various inserts that harken back to older Topps sets. I'll feature some of those inserts in a future post, but for now I'll focus on the base cards and some of their parallels.

These cards were from a group case break I participated in a couple of weeks ago through the Community Gum blog. I snagged the Dodgers as my team and was rewarded with a bounty of booty. In fact, I have a bunch of Dodger team sets and would be willing to give a couple away to anyone who is interested. Just make a post here requesting a team set with your contact information and I'll get right back to you. Only 2 are available for now.

In the meantime check out all 8 Dodger base cards to the set (above and below). Click on any pic to embiggen. In my mind, the design just seems lacking. I'm bored by it. What's worse is the reverse of the cards. Boring! There are no stats when, clearly, there is enough room to add some. Heck, why not include some vintage style cartoon like old Topps cards use to have.
Before I go on to some of the parallel cards I received in the case break check out the reverse of this Clayton Kershaw card below. It is a special insert card called Lineage Venezuela. From 1959 to 1968 Topps produced exclusive Spanish language Baseball cards for the Venezuelan card market. Oftentimes, they were just like the normal American set except the size of the set was smaller, quality tended to be a step down, and the reverse would feature Spanish instead of English. The Kershaw card below, as you can see, is in Spanish. I don't have a clue what it says, but other blogs I've read suggest that who ever wrote these bio's have a poor grasp of the language. If that is the case with the Kershaw please let me know.
Now on to some of the parallel cards of the base set. Here are a couple of Diamond Anniversary refractors.
Here are two Platinum Diamond Anniversary parallel cards. These cards are so shiny!

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