Friday, February 29, 2008

eBay: Vintage Dodger Oddball

It has been awhile since I've done any posting about Dodger related eBay auctions. So, I thought I'd put up 3 items to make up for it.

Below is a true fan collectible. I can imagine going to the stadium with my new camera in hand- excited about what should be a perfect day. You pull out the camera and try to work the switches. Your no professional. Heck, you can barely frame the subject right. All you care about is getting a photo of the man who would help change Baseball. You creep down the aisle and stand alongside the team dugout. The man they call Pee Wee gives you a smile and happily agrees to pose for you. Click! It's a moment of time captured in an instant. Some sixty years later that photo ends up on eBay for fans like you and I to admire.
eBay Auction Link: Pee Wee Reese Vintage Fan Photo:

The Brooklyn Dodgers were the original Cubs. They lost plenty and always with style. In honor of that, the Dodger Bum was created. He epitomized the team. They were bums, but they were our bums. Below is a rare 1949 Brooklyn Dodgers Bum plastic toy produced by Rempel of Ohio.
eBay Auction Link: Brooklyn Bum:

The Dodgers moving to Los Angeles was a Hollywood event. Movie stars and musicians, both famous and obscure, flocked to games in large numbers. Some of them even recorded songs to express their newfound love of the team. Below is a 45RPM record I have never seen before. It is of a song called "We love the Dodgers" and is recorded by Jimmie Maddin & The Sundowners. What is great about this item is that it features a photo of the LA Coliseum- the Dodgers first home in LA.
“I walked into Sears Robuck cold and convinced them to invest in 10,000 copies. I organized 6 or 8 Ballplayers to show up in stores and autograph pictures and the records. There were lines around the stores all over Los Angeles. I had the best players do the autographs: Ron Perranoski, Wally Moon, Frank Howard, they were a great team.” Johnny Grant was playing the record, so Bob Ferris got me in to do a broadcast from Walter O’Malley’s booth at Dodger Stadium for KNX radio. We went and had lunch with Walter and Peter O’Malley, Vin Scully was there – O’Malley kept bringing me beer and food – he was a hell of a guy”. Bob Ferris was doing an interview and Walter O’Malley was serving me lunch. Danny Goodman ran the consessions, so Marv Fischer and I sold the records in the stands of the Dodger Stadium”.
I was debating whether I wanted to highlight this auction since I was considering bidding on it. Who needs the competition, right? After all, this is something you don't see everyday. Then, I realized I don't have a record player so what's the point? My loss is your gain.
eBay Auction Link: 1950's We Love The Dodgers Record:

Thursday, February 28, 2008

More Tickets Available For Coliseum Game

If you missed out on tickets for the Coliseum game you'll get one more chance. 25,000 more tickets will be made available this coming Saturday.
Faced with continuing demand for tickets for the Dodgers' return to the Coliseum on March 29 despite an early sellout, the club has announced an additional 25,000 tickets will go on sale Saturday, increasing the capacity to 115,000 for the exhibition game against the Boston Red Sox.
Go here to buy tickets.

Story Link: LA Times:
Pic Link: Die Hard Baseball:

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Saito Resumes Blogging

Takashi Saito has started blogging again, but I need a better translator.
Today's dinner,

Roasted ginger pork, roast, shrimp and tofu stir-fry of Chinese-style pickles on the, rice,

The lineup.

Chef Takashi pitcher Takashi & Good luck.

I cook for a change of pace, it's going to refresh good.

Eat while talking with friends piled into and ultimately enjoy the adulation, "Horse!"

HAPPY HAPPY And praised it for good, and I HAPPY, HAPPY all of the effect of killing two birds with one stone.

Yum... ginger pork.

Blog Link: Saito:

Thank You Dodgertown

The Dodgers are set to say "Thank You" for 60 wonderful years.
“As is the case whenever a family contemplates moving out of the neighborhood, the idea is met with mixed emotions, bittersweet feelings, parties, and promises to keep in touch,” said Dodger Owner Frank McCourt. “When the family is as large as the Dodgers and their tenure in this town is as long as six decades, these sentiments are magnified. But regardless of where we practice in the future, our 60th anniversary affords us an opportunity to come together to reminisce, exchange warm greetings, and make sure we keep our relationships intact.”
The Dodgers are planning some pregame events to honor those who have contributed to both the Dodgers and Vero Beach. Below is a list of honorees. Also, employees of Dodgertown will be honored during the seventh inning stretch.

Unfortunately, I will not be heading out to Vero Beach this coming March for the Dodgers last stay at Dodgertown. I've had three wonderful trips out there the past 5 years and have enjoyed every minute. On the other hand, I will be heading to Arizona later in the month to catch some southwestern desert sun.

  • Feb. 28 vs. Atlanta- Maury Wills.
  • March 2 vs.Mets- Steve Garvey. He will also be having a book signing at Holman Stadium (Dodgertown) for his upcoming book, "My Bat Boy Days: Lessons I Learned From the Boys of Summer." Also, March 2 will also be highlighted by the annual “Meet the Dodgers Day” presented by Comcast, when fans can get autographs and take pictures with their favorite Dodger players from 12:00-12:30 p.m.
  • March 3 vs. Orioles- John Shelby.
  • March 4 vs. Nationals- Manny Mota. Fireworks after the game.
  • March 7 vs. Cardinals- Rick Monday.
  • March 9 vs. Red Sox- Vin Scully & Jaime Jarrin. This will also be the first televised game of the year! On KCAL 9 at 10:05 AM.
  • March 11 vs. Marlins- Dick Crago the public address announcer at Dodgertown.
  • March 12 vs. Nationals- Bump Holman, son of Bud Holman who convinced the Dodgers to train in Vero Beach & members of the Mulvey Family who were part owners of the team from 1938-75.
  • March 14 vs. Cardinals- Dr. Frank Jobe
  • March 16 vs. Marlins- Longtime executive Billy DeLury and Craig Callan Vice President for Spring Training.
  • March 17 vs. Astros- Tommy Lasorda. Also, this is St. Patrick's Day and the Dodgers will be coming out in green uniforms and hats.
Go here to the Dodger website for more information about Spring Training events.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Torre Speaks

The quotable Torre is captured by Baseball Prospectus.
"I guess it must be my nose, because people know who I am when I walk down the street."

"[Kemp] has been trumpeted as the heir apparent and a guy with a big upside, and it's all true, but there are certain subtleties and nuances. Andruw was young at one time. He can give a young player the benefit of his experience."

"Nomar's experience will certainly play into this thing. There are going to be tough decisions here, and when you have a lot of young players, they can't all play."
--Torre, on playing his young guys.
Here are some quotes about Torre.
"We had a quick chat on the field, and the main thing is he wanted me to know what to expect. I've got to listen to a guy with his experience. He pretty much said he wants me to have a day off a week."
--Dodgers catcher Russell Martin

"His demeanor is a kind of soothing, calm, classy approach. I think that works well with a club."
--Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti

Story Link: BP:

Collection: Vintage Dodger Postcards

One of the great and unheralded of all vintage collectibles has been postcards. They are not as sought after as baseball cards, but they can be harder to find in decent condition. They typically feature great photos of our favorite players, and, on top of that, can be very affordable. The group of 16 postcards I just recently scanned was purchased several months ago on eBay for under $10.00. I thought it was a great deal. See the rest of the postcards in my photoalbum here.Postcard Photoalbum here.

This Just Makes Me Shake My Head

By all accounts Matt Kemp has come out of the gate this Spring playing very well. Unfortunately, he might have to share outfield duties this year with the other Dodger youngster Andre Ethier.
What is yet to be determined is how often Kemp will get that chance to scare pitchers. Torre has hinted at being open to a regular outfield alignment of Kemp in right and Ethier in left, which would force veteran Juan Pierre and his $8 million salary to the bench. But the more likely scenario is that Pierre will play because the Dodgers need his speed in the lineup.

Meanwhile, club officials like the idea of Ethier and Kemp jockeying for playing time on the theory that each one will push the other into becoming a better player.

No, No No! Both Kemp and Ethier deserve the opportunity to play regularly this year. I would love to see what 600 at-bats each might produce.

Story Link: Tony Jackson:

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Blog Kiosk

If it doesn't get linked was it posted?
  • Mark at LA Dodger Talk finds some great comments from a Dodger fan at Vero Beach.
    During batting practice Andruw Jones and Matt Kemp put on a show… Wow, I said the other day the Jones did not have much pop. Forget that he hit the ball hard and long.. If these guys Jones and Kemp hit behind each other it would be like Boston Ortiz and Manny… Juan Pierre and Garciaparra did very well also…
    A fan asked Andre Ethier if he had a spot in the lineup and he said –It would not be hard to change to another team if not welcome here…
Andre seems to be a bit unhappy.
  • Wax Heaven finds a great vintage video clip of Babe Ruth vs. Walter Johnson.

YouTube Link: schea:
  • Don't miss Tony Jackson's story about first-time Spring Training camp invitee John Lindsey.
  • Diamond Leung tells us that Joe Beimel fan is going to Vero! Congrats! You'll enjoy every second.
  • Next years World Baseball Classic will have Los Angeles as its host for the semi's and final according to Roberto.
  • MSTI provides a helpful guide for those that are Vero bound. UPDATE: My lone recommendation is Bobby's Restaurant at 3450 Ocean Drive. All Dodger fans heading to Vero Beach should go here! The place is filled with Dodger photos. You know the movie "Defending Your Life." If you were Albert Brooks (as a deceased Dodger fan) in that film and having dinner in the afterlife you would be going to Bobby's.

Early Spring Training Pics

Slowly but surely photos from the Dodgers last stay at Vero Beach are showing up. Thanks frankat1stbase3 for sharing. I'm gonna miss that place. Clayton Kershaw

Bill Mueller signing for fans.

Keep the pics coming. If you get out there this Spring please share your photos by putting them online and letting me know. I'll provide a link. After all, you can never get enough of Dodger Baseball.

Photo Link: frankat1stbase3:

Russell Takes Saito Deep

Saito receives praise from Torre during his first workout and faced Russell Martin for the first time.
This isn't only deception," Torre said. "He has command. He has a number of pitches he can go to. He can locate the breaking ball away. As a hitter, I can tell you, ideally, you'd like to go up and look for one pitch. When a pitcher gets in trouble, he'll go to his bread and butter. I think he's got some options here.
Saito buckled Martin's knees with a curveball, causing Torre to chuckle later when recalling the pitch. Martin took Saito deep, but said he didn't make solid contact and that the ball was carried by the strong winds blowing through Holman Stadium.
Story Link: LA Times:

Saturday, February 23, 2008

YouTube: Snider Vintage Commercial

Hey Duke! What do you drink?

YouTube Link: Duke Snider vintage commercial:

deezulboy went to Vero Beach last week and has a bunch of different Spring Training videos. Check them all out. I'm so envious right now.

YouTube Link: Spring Training videos:

YouTube Link: Spring Training:

Lastly, check out this short campy fan video of Kirk Gibson the bionic man.

YouTube Link:mikejg529

Friday, February 15, 2008

Curious About the Sub-Prime Mess?

Have you been watching the news wondering what caused this whole sub-prime, credit market mess? How could everything have seemingly fallen apart so fast? Barry Ritholtz of The Big Picture has helpfully created a Google app of a powerpoint presentation that has recently been running around Wall Street.

Click here, or the pic below, to launch the slide show.

Hat Tip: The Big Picture:

Squad Going to China to Include Nomar, Andruw and Kemp

It appears our team going to China will only have a handful of players.
Third baseman Nomar Garciaparra and outfielder Andruw Jones... are likely candidates for the trip, along with up-and-coming outfielder Matt Kemp... but all Dodgers players were asked to bring a passport to spring training.

"You probably won't see a lot of the pitchers over there only because you play two games and that would be a long way to go just to throw in the bullpen," Torre said on reporting day for pitchers and catchers. "Right now we are scheduled with a couple of the regulars. ... We're going to try to split the group pretty much in half, but probably leave more people back based on the fact we are playing more games here."
Story Link: TCPalm:

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Don't Eat The Food

I hope the Dodgers are making sure that the team doesn't enjoy the local cuisine when they visit China next month.
When an American caterer working for the U.S. Olympic Committee went to a supermarket in China last year, he encountered a piece of chicken - half of a breast - that measured 14 inches. "Enough to feed a family of eight," said the caterer

"We had it tested and it was so full of steroids that we never could have given it to athletes... They all would have tested positive."

In recent years, some foods in China have been found to be tainted with insecticides and illegal veterinary drugs, and the standards applied to meat there are lower than those in the United States, raising fears of food-borne illnesses.
Wow! Last thing we need is for every member of the Dodgers to test positive for steroids, or worse.

Story Link: International Herald Tribune:
Pic Link: Billy Chicken:
Hat Tip: Enchanted Sun from Inside Dodgers Comments:

Yhea! Saito Remains In Blue

Was there any doubt! Josh with Inside The Dodgers lets us know it's official. He signed a one year deal today.

Story Link: Inside The Dodgers:
Pic Link: MSTI:

Happy About Sweeney

I can't say I'm disappointed in the recent signing of Mark Sweeney to a 1 year deal. After all, we all know the importance of a profession pinch hit at-bat late in the game. Sweeney led the league last year with a total of 24 pinch hits.

BTW, I wanted an excuse to show the pic above because I find it so damn funny. Mark Sweeney is standing with his arms crossed on the top left.

Story Link: LA Dodgers:
Pic Link: Measured Buildup:

The Gimmicks Never End

Upper Deck has really outdone themselves. What better way to get people interested in your product then to make some outlandish card that is sure to amuse and offend at the same time. Then, in a mad rush to create an artificial rarity, pull production while making sure a few get out into the public. Barnum & Bailey would be so proud.

Upper Deck, one of the few remaining baseball card manufacturers, has created a special insert set of "Presidential Predictor" cards that parodies the 2008 election field. They are in the new 2008 Baseball wax packs. All the favorites are covered, but one card has received some special attention. The Hillary Clinton Card features her with big breasted baseball heroine Morganna. Remember her? Apparently Upper Deck received a large enough negative response during a informal focus group that they saw the need to pull the card from production.

Right! Are you telling me there wasn't a larger motive, like extending the long line of gimmick cards to drum up interest in collecting again.

Why do the card companies do this? Why not focus on making collecting fun again. Try reducing the pack prices so kids can go to the local store and afford a pack of cards. How about reducing the number of products so collectors can keep track of what's available. Instead, we get a Hillary Morganna card.

Anyway, a handful of the Hillary cards have already made their way to eBay. One card is already up to $1,625.00. Man Alive!

Hat Tip: Sports Collectors Daily:
eBay Auction Link: Hillary& Morganna:

Monday, February 11, 2008

McFarlane Makes a Andruw Jones Statue

Master figurine maker Mike McFarlane is a step ahead of the game. He is set to release, as their 22nd MLB edition, a statue of our newest centerfielder Andruw Jones. Check out the pictures here. I have always been impressed with how realistic McFarlane's statues are. They're certainly better than the old Starting Lineups from the late 80's- early 90's.

They are also coming out with a new Nomar Statue. The facial expressions look so real.

Hat Tip: Diamond Leung:

Thursday, February 07, 2008

LA Cityzine has Pics From the Dodgers Event at 3rd Street

Sweet Lou Johnson

Check out LA Cityzine as they share some pics from the Dodgers signing event at 3rd Street Promenade.

Pic Link: LA Cityzine:
Hat Tip: Thanks to William Barnes for letting me know about these pics:

UPDATE: Check out FallingLEAVes of Sunshine for more pics of of this signing event.