Friday, May 27, 2011

Blog Kiosk: 5/27/2011

Check out the 3rd link below- I didn't realize they still ink-up milestone Baseballs for players.
  • Neurologist provide a stern warning. Please do not provide samples of your brain for concussion related research before you are dead. Via The Onion.
  • Check out DodgerBobble's video of his entire Dodger bobblehead collection. Just awesome. I am just more than a little bit envious.
  • Matt Kemp just shared this on Twitter. It's his nicely decorated 100th Home Run ball. Nice!!!
  • A former President almost gets hit with a Baseball, via Fox News Orlando.
  • Tom Hoffarth notices a funny ad for those pesky beach balls commonly found at Dodger Stadium, vis Farther Off The Wall.
  • UniWatch continues their research into red lettered vintage Dodger uniforms.
  • Check out Night Owl's Topps Diamond die-cut Jackie Robinson card. Very cool.
  • Just awesome! The People of Walmart song.

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Legendary Auctions: Campy, Jackie and the Duke

Here is a great vintage photo from the 1956 Goodwill Tour of Japan from Legendary Auctions. It features an enthusiastic crowd clamoring for autographs from Duke Snider, Roy Campanella and Jackie Robinson. As the typeset says:
"The Brooklyn Dodgers, champions of the National League, now on a Far East Goodwill Tour, seem to have brought their jink across the Pacific with them. They have lost two of the first three games to Japanese teams and Japanese sportswriters are now saying openly that there is nothing to be learned from the Dodgers, anyway."
Those are some pretty tough words. It sold for $100.00.

REA: Not Just Vintage But Historic, Part 2

Here are some more historic Baseball memorabilia items from REA's auction.

This is a cabinet photo of the Brooklyn Excelsiors and Washington Nationals posing together prior to a game on September 18, 1866. The "Father of Baseball," Henry Chadwick, is also pictured sitting in the middle with a giant beard. Written on the back is:
"Taken at 3 p.m. Sept 18. 1866 on the White Lot./Nationals of Washington/Arthur P. Gorman/President/Excelsior of Brooklyn/Dr. Jones. Pres./Henry Chadwick sitting in front of Gorman. Sporting Editor N.Y. Mercury."
It sold for $18,000.00.

This is just a beautiful Baseball trophy that was presented to the Brooklyn Resolutes team in 1888. They were a 19th century team that was a member of National Association of Base Ball Players, the first national baseball organization. It was presented by Herman H. Kiffe who was the proprietor of Kiffe Sporting Goods, which was located in Brooklyn, New York. It sold for $3,250.00.

Bid on Mattingly's Pink Cleats

The MLB Mother's Day "Pink" auction is now live. Go here to check them all out. There is plenty to look at, and, if you have the funds, go ahead and make a bid. As always, net proceeds benefit the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. For a little eye candy, check out these snazzy pink Baseball cleats worn by Don Mattingly.

eBay: Vintage Dodger Slurpee's

eBay once again unveils a rarely seen group of Slurpee plastic cups. These two are from 1982 and feature a couple of Dodger players- Burt Hooton and Dusty Baker. They are a little worn out and faded. No doubt, they had been well used by its previous owner.