Friday, May 27, 2011

Blog Kiosk: 5/27/2011

Check out the 3rd link below- I didn't realize they still ink-up milestone Baseballs for players.
  • Neurologist provide a stern warning. Please do not provide samples of your brain for concussion related research before you are dead. Via The Onion.
  • Check out DodgerBobble's video of his entire Dodger bobblehead collection. Just awesome. I am just more than a little bit envious.
  • Matt Kemp just shared this on Twitter. It's his nicely decorated 100th Home Run ball. Nice!!!
  • A former President almost gets hit with a Baseball, via Fox News Orlando.
  • Tom Hoffarth notices a funny ad for those pesky beach balls commonly found at Dodger Stadium, vis Farther Off The Wall.
  • UniWatch continues their research into red lettered vintage Dodger uniforms.
  • Check out Night Owl's Topps Diamond die-cut Jackie Robinson card. Very cool.
  • Just awesome! The People of Walmart song.

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