Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hunt Auctions: All Star FanFest

The All Star FanFest recently concluded an auction hosted by Hunt Auctions. As you can imagine there were some great items to be had; including a Ruth game used bat from the 1923 World Series. It sold for $322,000.00 including buyer's premium.Another items of note is memorabilia from the great Max Patkin, The Clown Prince of Baseball. Below is his original uniform.
Check out a video from ABC news about the auction here.

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When the Hall Comes Calling Players are Happy to Give

Bonds notwithstanding, most players are excited, if not surprised, the Hall would want something from them.
"When you approach a player," said Jeff Idelson, the Hall's vice president for communications and education, "they are stunned you are showing up at their locker."

"I can't figure out what the terminology is," he continued. "We are like the antithesis to the Grim Reaper."

In the Times Union piece both Lowe and Eckstein are highlighted.

(He) approached Boston Red Sox pitcher Derek Lowe during the 2004 World Series celebration at Busch Stadium in St. Louis, after Lowe became the first pitcher ever to win three series-clinching games in a single post- season.

"The Hall of Fame would like to have your jersey," Horn told him in the visitor's dugout tunnel.

"Oh, man, absolutely," Lowe replied. He started taking off his jersey, then stopped. "Wait," he said.

Lowe returned moments later with a man and woman.

"These are my parents," he said. "Tell them exactly what you told me."

Eckstein was just as shocked, if not more than Lowe.

"Really?" Eckstein repeated. "You want it from me?"

He finally flipped off his spikes, bent down, and presented them to Petroskey on the spot. "These are yours," he said.

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I apologize about disappearing over the past week or so. It's just that, as other bloggers have discovered, it is helpful to just take a break and lay off the keyboard for a little bit. Recharge those batteries, so to speak.

Besides, I've found myself distracted by the recent flurry of activity surrounding the Kings. If you don't know, I'm just as rabid a Kings fans as I am a Dodgers fan. The Kings made a surprise pick in the 1st round of the draft a couple weeks ago, they signed 5 free agents to add some veteran presence and resigned, to a 5 year contract, one of the leagues best young defensemen this morning. So, I guess you can say, I've been very happy with their moves lately.

Do I think this all translates into a Stanley Cup Run next year?

No way. I'd be surprised if they got that far, but I think they have a decent shot at the playoffs. And, if you know anything about playoff hockey, you know there is nothing like it.

Do I think they might have the stuff to make a run for the cup in a couple of years?

Definitely! For the first time in a long time the Kings have a great plan, the youngsters in the system to achieve that goal and a GM with the knowledge to pull it off.

Anyway, it is time to get back to my Blue Heaven.

Sacrilege: Stark Names Koufax Most Overrated Lefty

I'm shocked! Dismayed! I'm besides myself! Stark Raving Mad, I Say!

DelcoTimes gives us a peek at Jayson Stark's book, The Stark Truth, that seeks to rate the most underrated and overrated players in Baseball. On top of his list of most overrated lefties is our beloved Sandy Koufax. Sacrilege!

To prove a point about his insanity he names Nolan Ryan as the most overrated righthander of all time. My jaw dropped on that one too.

Anyway, he defends his point thusly.

"People who haven't read the book misconstrue my definition of overrated," adds Stark. "I'm not trying to say they should have taken up the violin instead of baseball.

"It's a whole different kind of concept."

Yhea, OK. About Koufax he adds.

"He was the greatest pitcher alive and possibly the greatest lefthander ever. I'm not nuts enough to try to dispute that," said Stark.

The Stark truth, however, is that the first half of Koufax' career, he had the second highest ERA in baseball.

"With players we grow to love, we don't even WANT to think about that other stuff," said Stark. "We get a snapshot in our brain of what that player meant to us and we don't want to let any other snapshots in there."

Stark goes on to say there's a tendency to romanticize players who walk away from the game in their prime.

"Other players go on; they get hurt, they decline and they leave us with other snapshots. That colors our perception of that player. Koufax didn't have to worry about that."

Well, those are all good points. I guess you could count me in as a fan who refuses to hear about that other stuff. Anyway, he also names the most underrated players which he acknowledged was much more fun to write. Some of those underrated players include Yogi Berra, Steve Carlton, Frank Robinson, Bob Feller, Dick Allen and Richie Ashburn. He did get a smile from me though. JD Drew is listed as overrated.
"The thing he's done best throughout his career is find a way to get paid," said Stark. "To me, that's the classic definition of overrated."
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