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A King Reacts to Hockey in Chavez Ravine

Mayor's Manor blog has become essential reading for LA Kings fans everywhere.  Heck, Mayor's Manor may be essential reading for all hockey fans.  After all, you don't get named "Blog of the Year" by Yahoo Sports' Puck Daddy and the "Best Sports Blog in LA" by LA Weekly for nothing.  And with Kings hockey looking like it will be heading for Dodger Stadium, it may soon become essential reading for Dodgers fans, as well.

Following up on my post from yesterday on the news that hockey may be played at Chavez Ravine, John Hoven at Mayor's Manor shares some responses from Kings defenseman Drew Doughty about the future Winter Classic game in a post this afternoon.
- On the Kings playing January 2014 at Dodger Stadium: “No, I didn’t see that. Who are we playing? (The Ducks.) Oh, cool, that’d be cool. Yeah, I don’t understand how that would work…”
Rob Scuderi from across the room – “They’ll put an ice rink on the field Dewey.” (lots of laughs)
- Doughty: “Isn’t it too hot? The ice would be crappy for sure. It’d be fun though, playing in front of a bigger crowd instead of the 18,000 or whatever an NHL rink is. To be able to do that would be fun.”
Drew is right.  The ice is likely to be slushy and bad to play on.  Still, I wouldn't miss this event for the world. 

BTW, playing in the outdoor heat isn't without precedent.  In September 1991, the Kings and New York Rangers played an outdoor exhibition game at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas that got as warm as 95 degrees during the game.  As you can imagine it created some significant challenges.  Via Melody Huskey at
The weather itself did not provide difficulties during the game, but the conditions were less than ideal for creating the ice. Kings color commentator and former Kings forward Jim Fox was on hand to call the game with Bob Miller, but first he had to help out in preparing the ice.

“They had a sheet of ice in the back parking lot and they put a tarp over it elevated above the ice about six or eight feet to keep direct rays of the sunlight off the ice” said Fox. “But when they were taking the tarp down, they let the tarp hit the ice.
On top of that, grasshoppers made a strange appearance. 
“There were these big giant grasshoppers jumping on the ice” said Kings President of Business Operations and former player Luc Robitaille. “They would land on the ice and freeze right there, so by the end of the second period they were everywhere on the ice and it was kind of funny.”
Just over 22 years later ice rink technology has advanced significantly, so I wouldn't expect many issues, although the ice may still be less than ideal for a game.

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Blog Kiosk 4/8/2013:

Check out Hyun-Jin Ryu and his "1st Win" game ball from yesterday.  Pic via twitter @Dodgers and by Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers 2013.
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  • Via Kershaw's Challenge, Peter & Hope give you a tour of their home in Africa. 
  • GCRL takes a look at the evolution of Dodgers' third baseman.
  • Ron Cervenka at Think Blue LA makes a great catch.  He realized that both Matt Kemp and Carl Crawford were sporting high-socks in Sundays game for the first time this season.
  • True to the Blue provides a nice recap of the Tim Wallach signing this this past Saturday.
  • This David guy might be the most prolific autograph hound this side of the Mississippi.  Really... This guy seems to be everywhere.  He was at the Dodgers game on Saturday and shares a bunch of his autograph gets.
  • Eric Stephen at True Blue LA provides an update on Javy Guerra's return to the starting rotation in AAA.
  • Scott Allen at mental_floss tells us the origins of the knicknames of all 30 MLB teams.
  • Juan Uribe had quite a game on Sunday, and was named the player of the game by Jon Weisman at Dodger Thoughts.

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A FanCave Interview with Dodger Fan, Aaron Roberts

Back in February I ran a series of interviews featuring the three Dodger representatives vying for a chance to reside in the MLB FanCave home in New York City during the 2013 season.  By all accounts, the FanCave is an opportunity to have the kind of job most of us dreamed of as a child.  Participants would spend all day watching, talking and expressing their love for the game.  Better yet, you didn't have to feign impartiality like a reporter sitting in a press box.  Instead, you were expected to be partisan... loud, proud and partisan.

As the initial contest went on they whittled the contestants down to 9, and one Dodger fan made the cut.  His name is Aaron Roberts from Huntington Beach, and he was kind enough to provide another interview for Dodger Blue Heaven readers.  Check out what he said below.  If you want to check out my previous interview with him go here.

Also, since we are on the subject of the FanCave, I thought I would pass along a note about a FanCave contest that you can win.  Right now, the Dodgers and MLB will give one lucky Dodger fan a chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to New York City on April 23-24 while the Dodgers are in town! The winner will get a VIP experience, including a visit to the MLB Fan Cave, exclusive access to a Dodgers game at Citi Field and more! Go here for more details.  All you have to do is post a photo on Instagram using #AWholeNewBlue that shows why YOU are the ultimate Dodgers fan!
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Anyway, my interview with Aaron is below:
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Q: Hey, Aaron!  Congratulations on making it to the MLB FanCave.  I can’t tell you how great it is to see a True Blue Dodger fan representing us in New York.  It’s even better knowing that the Giants got shut out.  Unfortunately, other than Kershaw, the Dodgers couldn’t quite do the same on the field during the first series.  That being said, do you have any encouraging words for Dodgers’ fans as we cross our fingers and hope that they can right the ship?
A: I don’t think any encouragement is needed. Dodgers fans are some of the toughest and most faithful in all of Baseball. It’s definitely not time to panic yet. Our pitching was great and our hitting was also very good. I know people will disagree with me on that but Kemp and Adrian were both hitting the ball on the screws. Unfortunately they hit them directly to someone but those balls will start to drop and we’ll get those base runners in. If there are any Blue Bloods out there that are starting to worry, remember It’s only 3 games into the season and we won one of them. Being 1 and 2 is a lot better than being 0 and 3 and as much as it absolutely pains me to use this reference, the Giants started out 0 and 3 last season and we all saw what happened in October. So keep the Faith Dodgers fans, big things are coming.
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Q: So far, what has been your favorite moment in the FanCave?
A: As you can imagine, everything in the Fan Cave has been absolutely incredible. On Opening Day, I got to see one of the best Dodgers games in history, Yu Darvish came within one out of throwing a perfect game and then AfroJack played later that night in the Cave and it was an absolute blast! Talk about an epic day! That Dodgers game was unreal and there’s aside from the stands at Dodger Stadium, there’s no other place I’d have rather seen it than the couch at the Fan Cave. If I had to choose a single moment, I’d say getting to watch Sandy Koufax throw out the first pitch at Dodger Stadium was pretty special. Kershaw hitting his first homerun ever and leading the Dodgers to Victory has to be a very close second.
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Q: Also, can you explain a little bit about what your typical daily routine is in the FanCave?  I think a lot of fans are curious about what the day to day activities are like.
A: Generally speaking we have to be here before the first pitch of the first game all the way through the last pitch of the last game. If there’s a player coming in or we’re filming something, we have to be here a little bit earlier. While in the Cave, it’s amazing. We watch Baseball. That’s literally our jobs. We watch the games, talk about them, eat, laugh and blog about our thoughts on social media. That’s my favorite part. I love Twitter and I really enjoy interacting with the people on there that are watching the same games that I’m watching and experiencing the same things I am. The great thing about Baseball is that everyday there’s something new and exciting going on. So in the Fan Cave, each day is different and fresh. Every day is an adventure.
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Q: I also saw your pic of Wahoo’s in New York City- to my astonishment.  I had no idea they had a location out there.  Anyway, being that it’s one of my favorite places to eat, how was it?  Was it different on the east coast?  Did you get a little homesick?   And, why oh why, would you guys order Taco Bell tacos when you can have Wahoo’s?  ( I also saw that pic)  I think I just puked a little bit in my mouth.
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A: Ha Ha! Wahoo’s was excellent as always. I’m still a little biased towards our West Coast Wahoo’s but I must say that the Wahoo’s in New York held it’s own. It looked a tad different than the ones in California but it still reminded me of home. And as great as Wahoo’s is, I LOVE me some Taco Bell! How can you not like a Nacho Bell Grande while watching the Dodgers game? Plus there are 9 of us in the Fan Cave so we have to feed a Baseball Lineup on a budget. Nothing better than Taco Bell for that.

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Q: As you probably recall, I had asked about your Dodgers’ cape and your willingness to wear it in the FanCave in our last interview.  Have you been keeping that promise?  And if so, can you provide proof?  Like I often read on the internet, without pictures it didn't happen.  You’ll also get bonus points from me if you can get the Angels fan, Danny Farris, to put it on – that way I can make fun of my friends who are Angels fans.
A: Yes I sure have been keeping that promise! The Cape is definitely in the Cave. I’ve worn it for every Dodgers game and when we’re messing around. Trust me, I never miss an opportunity to break that thing out! Here’s a picture of me wearing it while watching the Dodgers Opening Day game. The coolest part is that this picture was taken while Sandy Koufax was walking out to the mound so he’s in the background of the picture! Danny is a pretty die-hard Angels fan so it’s going to be tough to get him to wear the Dodgers cape. I have a plan though. If it works, pictures are definitely going up on the Internet!
Thank you again, Aaron for coming on Blue Heaven.  Good luck to you.  If you want to follow him I suggest checking these links out:
Twitter: @BertsBall
Hashtag: #CapeInTheCave
Facebook: BertsBall
Blog:  BertsBall
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