Sunday, October 14, 2007

Thanks for the Memories Olmedo!

The Killer Tomato has officially cleared waivers and been given his unconditional release by the Dodgers. The once longest tenured Dodger player is now a free agent. It looks like the other league is his most likely destination.

(Stopping) on his way out of the clubhouse (he) made a prophetic statement to teammate Shea Hillenbrand.

"See you in the American League," Saenz said.

The big guy had a knack for hitting spectacular homeruns and run scoring base hits at the right time.

Mid Season pick-ups Shea Hillenbrand and Roberto Hernandez also become free agents.

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This is Incredible

This is absolutely unbelievable. These are South Korean soccer fans cheering their team on. Also, they are not holding cards.
They have a jacket that is one color on the back, one on the front, and that they can open or close to show a third color shirt on the inside.

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Hunt Auctions: Brooklyn Dodgers "Bum" Doll

Of all the items available in Hunt's 4th Annual Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory Auction the above Dodger item really sticks out. Especially given this past season, where the Dodgers fizzled out in the end, the Blue Crew look more like bums than ever before. That old mascot from the days of Flatbush has decided to reappear to the consternation of the Dodger faithful. Will this old doll, in great condition and dated to the 1950's, become the symbol of our team? Let's hope not. It's estimated to be worth $300 to $400.

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eBay Find: 1909 Sally League Photos: Joe Jackson?

Once again, eBay proves to be a historical treasure chest. A couple of days ago a vintage photo album came up for sale that included some very significant photos of a 1909 Baseball game between the Savannah Cardinals and the Jacksonville Jays of the old Sally League. What makes this fascinating is that "Shoeless" Joe Jackson played for Savannah in 1909 and could very well be in the photos. Check out centerfield. Could that be Joe? eBay Auction Link. It sold for $887.77.

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