Monday, July 30, 2007

Dodgers in Talks with A's for Blanton

The rumors are swirling and Joe Blanton is the target.
The Dodgers and Athletics have been talking about a package of three frontline prospects for Blanton, and on Monday night, they were in the process of mixing and matching possible combinations. Blanton makes just $380,000 this year, and will be eligible for arbitration for the first time this winter. Teams rarely trade young and cheap and established starting pitchers in the current market, which explains why Oakland is asking for a high price in return for Blanton.
I hope Kershaw is not a part of a potential deal.

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Dotel and Teixeira Go To The Braves. Kershaw?

It looks like the Braves are throwing the dice and hoping they don't crap out. Reports indicate that Teixeira and Octavia Dotel will soon be going to Georgia.

I'm just glad we were not a part of those trades.

In other news, per the Big Blue Wrecking Crew message boards, it appears that Clayton Kershaw, after one inning of work today has been pulled from the game. Hopefully it's not an injury or a looming trade. Let's hope they just want to keep his innings down. This guy is a stud and has the stuff to be a number 1 starter.

As some of you may know, it has been reported that the Rangers want Kershaw bad. So does the rest of the league.

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Dave Roberts Ask for Calm

Former Dodger Dave Roberts pleads Barry's case.

"I give Dodger fans a lot of credit for being knowledgeable," said Roberts, a fan favorite when he played in L.A. from 2002-04. "This is going to be a test, whether they show their knowledge and appreciation and love for the game, or whether they go the other way.

"These are 55,000 fans ... who'd be fortunate enough to be a part of history. So be a part of history and make it the great moment that it is. Don't tarnish it by acts of cruelty or whatever. Be above that.

"It's bigger than being a Dodger fan. This is beyond the rivalry. This is history"... "Those are people revered as the most knowledgeable fans in baseball, fans who get it," Roberts said. "I played in Los Angeles and I'd like to think they get it as well."

With all due respect Dave, your a fool if you think the rivalry will not trump Barry's pursuit for the record. Our fans will boo and berate Barry like they always do. Why would you expect anything different? After all, didn't we hear boo's when Russell Martin was introduced during the All-Star game? The rivalry runs deep, and you should know that.

On an aside, I don't know if i care much about him breaking the record. History will judge him in the future regardless of my beliefs. All I know is that "I Hate the Giants" and Barry is a perfect representation of why "I Hate the Giants."

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On a Potential Trade

BP highlights some notable quotes this week; including this choice quote from our own Andre Ethier.
"To say they’ll give up young players like myself or Kemp for a one-year (upgrade), I guess it depends on what their motives are. If they feel that this is the year that they have to get something done and they want to make the push, that’s their choice and their decision to make. … We’re an important ingredient to what we’re doing here, but at the same time we’re a commodity and can be traded freely."
It would not even be for a full year. There is only about 2 months left in the season. So, if we trade this guy, or Loney, or Kemp for a 2 month rental I will go bonkers. Teixeira will not help us here, and there is no possibility of signing a long-term contract with that guy. Boras is his agent.

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