Monday, June 02, 2008

RIP Bo Diddley

Bo knows guitars. He was also one of the most influential musicians in rock 'n roll.
"I don't like to copy anybody," Diddley explained. "Everybody tries to do what I do, update it. I don't have any idols I copied after. They copied everything I did, upgraded it, messed it up. It seems to me that nobody can come up with their own thing, they have to put a little bit of Bo Diddley there."
He died today at 79 years old.

YouTube Link: Fredvs:

Walter Johnson and Babe Ruth in Orange County

Be sure to check out the LA Times story today about a barnstorming event during a late October afternoon in 1924 that saw local favorite and Hall of Famer Walter Johnson face off against Babe Ruth and his bat and pitching arm.
Ruth didn't hit a home run for any kid in the hospital that day but he did, according to accounts, conk a boy on the head with a ball.

Brea resident W.E. Griffith, who attended the game, years later recounted to The Times that Ruth "hit a foul ball that bounced off a car and hit a boy in the head. He started bawlin' and Ruth walked over to him, handed him a silver dollar and said: 'Don't cry kid -- here.' "