Monday, June 11, 2007

From Good to Bad to Worse

What a miserable past week we've experienced. It starts with a battle against our division rival, the Padres, that ends in a embarrassing shellacking. Chris Young, who must have looked like Cy Young to Dodger hitters, out-duels returning pitcher Jason Schmidt on Tuesday. Trevor Hoffman, the man who has recorded a majority of his saves against us, records his 500th Wednesday night. Then, the usually dependable bullpen falters in the last game of the series on Thursday. We get swept and move from 1st place to 3rd place in a blink of an eye.

Next comes the Toronto Blue Jays who are playing less that .500 ball. They have been the subject of rumors indicating that they may be dismantled after a disappointing start to the season. They should have been a team ripe for the picking. Instead, the Dodgers look like a minor league squad. Our offense has disappeared. Our saving grace was a walk-off homerun from Olmedo the Killer Tomato on Friday. A great individual performance from Derek Lowe was wasted in Saturday's game. Sunday's game was difficult to watch as we give up a collective 11 runs.

Jon writes,
"It is interesting that the lowest point of the Dodger season - five losses in six games - comes in transition to some new blood. I'm sure the Dodgers are feeling down, but I'm eager to see what comes. And it's not even that I expect problems to be solved overnight - the kids need all of our patience. It's just that the guys with potential are here, and I'm not one who believes that potential is a dirty word."
Jon is right, I welcome the opportunity to see all of our young farmhands on the field. These kids deserve a chance to play. Colletti's plan to field a team of aging veterans is on the verge of ruin and the only remedy is the farm system that has already paid some dividends. Let them play!

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