Monday, April 11, 2011

Blog Kiosk: 4/11/2011

I'll take two out of three any day.
  • They just keep getting better. Here is the third installment of Punk Rock Paint's Star Wars Retro card set- its Chewbacca. Here is the 2nd card- Han Solo.
  • Baseball Analytics takes a look at how Clayton Kershaw has struck out folks so far this year.
  • Bob Lemke reminds us that fashions trends in sports are not really new. On a personal note, years back I worked with an old-timer easily 50 years my senior. One afternoon the topic of baggy jeans/ big pants came up. He went on to recount that when he was a kid they all wore baggy pants. And, guess what, his folks hated them too.
  • Stanley Cup Playoffs, Baby!!!! As the hockey world prepares for the second season, enjoy this great fan video. These kids prove that they really love their Habs'.

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