Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Casey Re-Signs and Jones Tries to Get Back on the Saddle

It's now official. Casey Blake has re-signed.
The club officially announced the re-signing of free-agent third baseman Casey Blake Tuesday to a three-year contract plus a fourth-year option for $17.5 million guaranteed and a possible $23.75 million, including performance incentives.
At least we don't have to worry about third base.

In other news, Andruw Jones will be playing in the Dominican Republic.

Dodgers General Manager Ned Colletti said he believed that Andruw Jones flew to the Dominican Republic today to play winter ball.

Colletti said that “a few” teams have inquired about the availability of Jones, who is expecting to play five or six weeks in the Dominican.

“Of course, they’d ask for us to pick up a vast majority of his salary,” Colletti said, referring to the $22.1 million remaining on Jones’ two-year, $36.2-million contract.

That figures. Jones will make even more money to suck in a foreign country, and the Dodgers get to foot the bill.

Joseph "Flash" Gordon is Now a Hall of Famer

Yankee and Indians second baseman Joe Gordon has been elected by the Veterans Committee into the Baseball Hall of Fame. This is a pick that is sure to be discussed and argued about for years to come.
In his 11 year career he was on 5 World Series winning squads while being elected to the All-Star team 9 times. He was known as both an excellent defensive and power hitting second baseman (before power hitting baseman existed). Joe Gordon led the American League in assist 4 times, double play assist 3 times and was the first American League second baseman to hit 20 home runs in a season. In fact, he did it 7 times and holds the record for most home runs by a second baseman in the American League. Up until 2001 he held the record for most home runs in a season by a American League second baseman. He won the MVP in 1942.

I will admit I had no idea who he was when he was announced. My mind was a total blank. I remember sitting at my desk at work, shaking my head while screaming, "Joe Gordon!?!" I guess any result that does not include Gil Hodges or Maury Wills as inductees will be a disappointment.

Anyway, congratulations "Flash" and welcome to one of the most hallowed halls in America.
The photos above are early Joe Gordon memorabilia items. The first item is his 1939 Goudey Premium picture R-303B and directly above is the 1938 Baseball Magazine Premium poster.

Welcome to the Blue Mark!

Via Dodger Thoughts, it appears the Dodger have picked up a quality utility infielder in Mark Loretta. On top of that, he appears to be a born Blue Dodger fan.
"Mark's very excited," Garber (Loretta's agent) said. "He grew up in Pasadena, so he's come full circle. He went to his first Dodger game as a 6-year-old."
In a 14 year career he is a lifetime .297 hitter with a .361 On-Base % and a OPS+ of 99. He should be a very capable replacement for Nomar Garciaparra.
Loretta, 37, hit .280 in 261 at-bats for the Astros last season with four homers and 38 RBIs, batting .330 against left-handers. He played 46 games at second base, 17 at third base, five at shortstop and two at first base.
Fire Ned Colletti Now... does a nice write up on Loretta. Go and check it out.