Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Years!

May the New Year be filled happiness, joy and a championship.

YouTube Link: supARGH: The 2009 Australian Celebration!

Hunt Auctions: New Years Auction

The New Year means new auctions and Hunt is here to please. They are currently running one of this coming years earliest auctions that will close a bit over 2 weeks into 2009.

Below is a great vintage National League Baseball that celebrates the leagues 50th anniversary. Unfortunately, this offering only includes one of two Baseballs that were given away as presentation gifts to VIP's. The ball below has photos of 4 of the 8 previous National League Presidents which is displayed on a mahogany plaque. The league was founded on February 2, 1876. This ball comes from the estate of former NL President Charles Feeney.

It's 1957 and you are a 10 year old kid. You stroll down the aisle with your fingers rubbing against boxes of gum, toys and comic books. Then, you catch a glimpse of the object of your desire. Hanging on a rack are Baseball cards safely displayed in a Mylar pack. Mom looks lovingly as she watches the exuberance of her young child pointing to the cards. It's the perfect stocking stuffer.

Below is a unopened 1957 Topps Christmas rack pack with Dodger fire-baller Don Drysdale, should-be Hall of Famer Gil Hodges and the Brooklyn Dodgers team card on front. These rack packs were not manufactured by Topps, but by an outside company. No doubt to take advantage of the holidays. How this pack survived unopened after all of these years, I will never know? All I do know is that if I were to win this I could not help from opening it up.

Below is a fairly simple Dodger memorabilia item. It is a circa 1960's LA Dodgers silk handkerchief.

Any child would be proud to wear this. Below is c.1950's souvenir Brooklyn Dodgers children's t-shirt. Possibly sold at the stadium or near Ebbetts Field, it still has its' original tags.

Welcome Back to the Table

Colletti's little ruse to court Dunn and Abreau appears to have paid some dividends. Manny's agent has gotten a hold of the Dodgers to re-open discussion.
Scott Boras... said he contacted the Dodgers Tuesday, one day after General Manager Ned Colletti told The Times that Ramirez remained "our first choice." The Times also reported the Dodgers had begun exploring possible alternatives in Bobby Abreu and Adam Dunn.
Just sign already, Manny. It's not like the Dodgers low-balled you. The two year $45 million contract offer was more than fair.