Thursday, July 31, 2008

More National Pics

What a treasure trove of sports memorabilia in Chicago this weekend. Carlton Hendricks of Sports has posted his first batch of photos from the National Sports Collectors Convention. Check them out here. Below are some of my favorites.

Here is a group of 5 very rare Spalding trophies dating to the early part of the 20th Century.
Below is a great memorabilia display featuring bobbleheads, gloves, hats, display boxes, a signed football and a very rare bobblehead set of the Beatles (second shelf from the top on the far right).
These two statues are extremely rare. They were made in Germany in the late 1800's and depict early American Baseball players. Right now the manufacturer and exact age escape me, but as soon as I can find some additional background info I will pass it along.


So what now? The Dodgers get Manny Ramirez and give up on Andy LaRoche. Who in the outfield will be sitting down? Is Ethier or Pierre the odd man out? Is Jones officially out of the picture? What is going on here?

This trade will probably help the present, but the future is a little screwed up. I think that ultimately we will regret losing LaRoche.

Holy Woolly Mammoth!

From the category called "INSANE" we get probably the goofiest insert card ever found in a Baseball pack. Topps Allen & Ginters 2008 release features numerous "1 of 1" DNA cards that feature hair from the famous. Last year, Topps caused an uproar with this insert set when George Washington's hair was pulled from a box and sold on eBay for thousands. The 2008 version tries to take it to the next level by including DNA samples from a Woolly Mammoth. This limited card has recently been pulled and now you can check it out on eBay here.
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