Thursday, April 03, 2008

Reflections on the First Homestand

What a great week it has been so far. It started early with the Dodgers hosting the Red Sox in an unforgettable game at the LA Coliseum. The parking lot was filled with tailgater's. BBQ's were set up and drinks were plentiful- almost too plentiful. Beer was poured easily from can to cup. To top it off, Kareem Abdul Jabbar threw a commemorative skyhook over the plate. Good Times. Even though the Dodgers lost the game nothing could stain this historic event.

Opening Day continued the magic. Players from the Dodgers past showed up in large numbers to ring in the new season. Our ace, Brad Penny was in top form as he pitched 6+ scoreless innings. Jeff Kent roared back from Spring leg problems to hit a homerun. Saito looked sharp even though he looked terrible in March. The Giants are horrendous as a team. So far the season is turning out just right.

The second game was just as exciting. Larry Bowa displayed a rare fierceness not seen within the confines of Chavez Ravine in many years. For his troubles he was given a 3 game suspension. In his stead, Mariano Duncan became the thirdbase coach and probably had a large hand in the double steal that Dewitt and Hu pulled off in the 7th inning. It eventually led to the Dodgers tying the game. Derek Lowe was shaky in his start, but was still able to scatter 9 hits while giving up only 2 runs. The Dodgers relief staff is looking solid. Who is this Troncoso kid? Then, our new Pee Wee, Delwyn Young, recorded his first hit of the year with a walk-off game-winning infield single to score Furcal in the bottom of the 9th inning. It's good to be undefeated.

The rubber game was a bit of a let down. It was a day of rain, starting pitching confusion and our first loss of the year. Billingsley and Lincecum were scheduled to start, but didn't get into the game until the 4th inning. Both coaches opted to start a relief pitcher with the belief that the rains would be coming shortly after the start of the game. Why ruin the pace of your starters routine when they can come in after a long rain delay. Unfortunately, the rains came later than expected and the coaches were forced to hinder their routine anyway. (Who says Torre is perfect?) Offense was hard to come by as the Dodgers lost a squeaker 2 to 1. Of special note, that Giant pitcher, Lincecum, is impressive.

So what did we learn after just three games.
  • Even Torre can make some mistakes.
  • Larry Bowa is exactly who he has been billed as.
  • There's a new Pee Wee in the clubhouse.
Really not that much, eh? I guess it's too early to tell. All I do know, though, is that I can't wait for my first Dodger dog of the season.