Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Dodgers Win: Views From the Game

I suspect this win will turn some heads in the national media.

Here are some pics I pulled from twitter. DodgertownUSA shows us a view of the giant flag on the field.

Here is some in-game action from MrC42.

Here is a pic from TommyLasorda's Twitter.
One win down, 10 to go. You gotta believe!!
I believe! I believe!

Rally Towels

Here is this evening giveaway item- a Dodger Rally Towel. WooHoo!

Lead Us To Victory

Topps will soon be selling limited edition prints created by artist Chris Speakman of Every team is represented. See them all here. Also, check out his other works featuring the Dodgers here.

The Last First Pitch of the Regular Season

With the season almost an afterthought, I though I would put the final feather on the National League Western Division Championship hat by posting some pics of a beauty queen throwing out the first pitch from the last day of the regular season. Yhea... I admit it... I'm a sucker for beauty queens and Baseball

The guest of honor is Caitlin Upton, who you might remember as the Miss Teen USA contestant who could not answer a simple geography question for the life of her. I posted her infamous video below. Anyway, on to the pics.

Here is the video.

YouTube Link: IRamzyl: