Thursday, December 30, 2010

eBay: Laughlin Gil Hodges

Here is a card I had heard of, but had never actually seen an example of. This is a 1973 Laughlin Super Stand-Ups of Gil Hodges. They were produced by sports artist R. G. Laughlin and typically measure 7" x 11". The auction description states that this piece is slightly larger at 8.5" x 12". It is the scarcest of all the different Laughlin set produced in the 70's. There are only 12 different players in the set, and only one other Dodger is represented- Sandy Koufax. My 2002 card guide list this Hodges card at $45.00, but considering its scarcity I bet it would sell for much more at a show or auction. The price of this item on eBay is a little rich in my opinion. Of interesting note, these cards were originally sold individually at $3.50 a piece.


  1. I actually missed out on 2 of them on ebay and that one is likely one of them, as that seller beat me on one or both occasions! This was many years back when you could still find steals like those. They went for a fraction of that price, but as you stated, they are very unique and the seller can ask whatever he wishes, as the choices are slim!

    That was one of many instances where my frugality held me back. I may not have beaten the high bidder, but I could have made him work a little harder for it!!

    Note that this copy id signed by the creator, Bob Laughlin. An added bonus.

  2. These stand-ups are individually hand painted and signed by the artist. I was fortunate to get a "slightly" damaged Stan Musial which is a great piece of art for any baseball fan. Thought there were 12 as well, until I ran across a picture of a Johnny Bench figure that had been for sale....makes 13 different ones that I know of with the Bench one being very scarce indeed.


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