Monday, January 08, 2018

Welcome to the Blue, Scott Alexander!

I think it's becoming clear that any deals done this off-season will be of the variety we saw a few days ago. In other words, we shouldn't expect any blockbusters. Instead, the Dodgers front office will seek to make measured improvements at positions that can be upgraded.

As you surely know by now, the Dodgers consummated a three-team trade last week that saw them get two players for the price of three. Below is a quick rundown of what went down:
Dodgers get: LHP Scott Alexander and INF Jake Peter
Royals get: RHP Trevor Oaks (from the Dodgers) and INF Erick Mejia (from the Dodgers)
White Sox get: LHP Luis Avilan (from the Dodgers), RHP Joakim Soria and cash

2017 Panini Flawless - All the Dodgers Cards

Panini's Flawless Baseball cards came out just before Christmas, but I am only know able to post up pics I've been able to find all over the 'net. As you know, Flawless is a super-premium card brand that will cost you about $1,400 for a single box of ten cards. In that pack you are guaranteed six autographs, two memorabilia cards and two gem cards (a real embedded precious jewel). Go here for a complete checklist. Please note that the numbering, as has been the case with Panini's publicized checklist, is inaccurate (with the base set as an exception).

Check out all of the Dodgers cards below. BTW, all base cards have an embedded gem in the card.


#9 Jackie Robinson              #20 Clayton Kershaw

#25 Corey Seager             #39 Mike Piazza

Blog Kiosk: 1/8/2018 - Dodgers Links - Some Odds and Ends

I love the above action photo of Dodgers legend Jim Gilliam sliding on homeplate. It is an International News Photo dated to a May 7, 1957 game against the Cincinnati Reds. Per the descriptor on the reverse:
Gilliam scores as Ed Bailey sadly walks away.
Short and sweet, eh? Unfortunately, the Dodgers would lose this game, 9-2. Below are more links to check out.
  • This Day in Dodgers HistoryIn 1956 Jackie Robinson is awarded the prestigious Spingarn Medal by the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People for his strong support of civil rights initiatives. Martin Luther King Jr. was given the honor the prior year.
  • Happy Birthday, Chauncey FisherBrian JohnsonDerek Thompson!