Sunday, July 11, 2010

eBay: The 1941 MVP

Found on eBay, here is a press photo of Dodger firstbasemen Dolph Camilli accepting a watch for being the 1941 MVP.

More FanFest Pics From Twitter

More from FanFest.

Here is the All-Star Mickey at the convention center.
(twitpic link: MDLU)

Here is a game-used autographed bat once held by Michael Jordan. It was used during stay with the Birmingham Barons.
(twitpic: BigWestMD)

Torii Hunter's Gold Glove Award.
(twitpic link: Lil_elopez)

The T206 Proof card with Honus Wagner from Hunt Auctions.
(twitpic: BigWestMD)

Time Warner has a stage setup for fans to play out their fantasies as a Baseball Broadcaster. Check out one of the videos they have posted on YouTube of a couple of Dodger fans.

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Furcal and Kuo are All-Stars

Rafael Furcal and Hong-Chih Kuo have both been added to the National League All-Star squad. We now have 4 Dodgers representing the Boys in Blue. Congrats!

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So who do you pick- Netherlands or Spain?

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