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Scans of the 1950 Jackie Robinson Comic #4

Are you ready for another issue of the Jackie Robinson comics?  Featured here is issue #4 scanned in total. Directly below are links to the other comics I've scanned and shared so far:
    UPDATE:  Directly below are links to the other Jackie Robinson vintage comics I've scanned and shared:

    • 1950 JR Comic #1 (the first half) - Link
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    • 1950 JR Comic #4 (complete scans) -Link
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    • 1951 JR Comic #6 (complete scans) - Link
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      TWC-Comcast Merger Might See a DOJ Lawsuit


      Time Warner stock is taking a hit right now, and it's all because of a recent Bloomberg report that the Department of Justice is leaning towards an anti-trust lawsuit against the Time Warner-Comcast merger.  Per David McLaughlin at Bloomberg:
      Staff attorneys at the Justice Department’s antitrust division are nearing a recommendation to block Comcast Corp.’s bid to buy Time Warner Cable Inc., according to people familiar with the matter.
      Attorneys who are investigating Comcast’s $45.2 billion proposal to create a nationwide cable giant are leaning against the merger out of concerns that consumers would be harmed and could submit their review as soon as next week, said the people.

      The antitrust lawyers will present their findings to Renata Hesse, a deputy assistant attorney general for antitrust, who will decide, along with the division’s top officials, whether to file a federal lawsuit to block the deal, they said.

      The Justice Department lawyers have been contacting outside parties in the last few weeks to shore up evidence to support a potential case against the merger, one of the people said.

      Furthermore, officials at the antitrust division and the Federal Communications Commission, which is also reviewing the deal, aren’t negotiating with Comcast about conditions to the merger that would resolve concerns, such as selling parts of its business or changing practices, said two people familiar with the situation.
      If the DOJ officially comes out against the merger and/or if the merger doesn't go through then I think it's fair to say that it could be a very, very, very long time until SportsNet LA will reach the other 70% of LA homes.  After all, it's been widely reported that this pending merger was the main barrier to having the channel on everyone's television, and if it ceases to happen then all kind of wheels start to fall off.  Heck, the speculation that a SportsNet LA bankruptcy filing is imminent becomes much more real.

      Hat Tip: Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

      UPDATE:  I should add that there is one very interesting point in the Bloomberg article.  It states that the DOJ is NOT currently negotiating with Comcast to address their concerns.  Basically, it's all or nothing for them and that's bad news for Comcast.

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      Vintage Dodgers' Rings, Jewelry and a Jersey... Oh, My!

      Here is a last look at various Dodger related memorabilia items found at SCP Auctions.

      Have I told you that I can't get enough of those shiny satin Dodger uniforms they wore in the 40's?  Via the auction description:
      These uniforms were produced for night games in an effort to make the players "stand out," seemingly with a nod to the depleted talent pool that existed in the closing years of World War II. The experiment did not last long and save for a brief revisit in 1948, the uniforms were produced in very limited quantities with few surviving examples having surfaced. The offered is a home white satin jersey from Ray Hayworth retaining its original "Dodgers" blue lettering across the front with desirable No. 32 on the verso having later been retired by the Dodgers in honor of Sandy Koufax.
      (Auction Link)

      And now for some bling.

      This is former Brooklyn Dodger pitcher Mal Mallette's 1951 Montreal Royals International League championship ring.  Mallette had a stellar year in 1951 after getting a "cup of coffee" in Brooklyn the prior season.  He went 10-2 with a 2.30 ERA in 29 games for Montreal.  Unfortunately, he would never get another chance with the big club, and would eventually leave the game after the following season at the age of 30. After retiring he became a sportswriter and was inducted into the North Carolina Journalism Hall of Fame.
      (Auction Link)

      Below is Ron Perranoski's 1974 LA Dodgers National League Championship ring.  He pitched for us for eight season before becoming our pitching coach throughout the 80's.
      (Auction Link)

      Check out the 1988 LA Dodgers World Championship pendant from John Shelby below.
      (Auction Link)

      Lastly, below is Bill Russell's 1988 LA Dodgers World Championship ring.
      (Auction Link)

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      2015 Topps Gypsy Queen - The Dodger Base Cards

      Released just a couple of days ago, here is a look at all of the Dodger base cards found in 2015 Gypsy Queen.  Go here for a complete checklist.

      There is something about how they manipulate the photos for this set that I really love.  Features on players that are usually glossed over are accentuated, and any photoshopping that's done (like to the Kendrick card) looks seamless.  As you may know, it's based on an 19th century tobacco card set, so they go all out in giving it an old-timey feel.

      My main complaint, though, is the photo selections for both Jackie Robinson and Sandy Koufax.  For whatever reason Topps continues to use the same old photos for them in every set they are a part of, and it's getting boring as heck.  And how many times do we have to see Clayton Kershaw show us the ball?  That photo has been used so many times since it debut in Allen & Ginter several years ago.  Ryu showing us the ball, on the other hand, is something I can appreciate.

      Next week I'll have pics of the variations, inserts, autograph and relic cards.  So stay tuned.

      #3 Joc Pederson                                 #13 Zack Greinke

      Blog Kiosk: 4/17/2015 - Dodger Links - Newest Target Yadier Alvarez, Pederson and Joey Amalfitano

      The Dodgers held their Dodgers Foundation Gala last night and by all accounts it was a fun and worthwhile affair.  The boys were able to get together and let loose a bit by downing some drinks, sharing a stogie with Uribe and wearing some outrageous outfits for a fashion show.  Fun was definitely had by all.  The photo above was taken by Jon SooHoo.  Go here to check out more pics from him, Juan Ocampo and Jill Weisleder from the evening.

      Below are some links to check out:
      The expectation is that even if Alvarez is granted the waiver that he will wait until July 2nd to sign. This is due to the persistent rumors that the Dodgers will be blowing past their international bonus pool for 2015-2016 (starting on July 2nd), with Alvarez their top target.
      “Joc is a solid defender,” Mattingly said. “That talks to the importance of what he’s capable of doing out there kind of on an everyday basis. Not so much having to make the spectacular plays, but just the bread and butter, getting good jumps, running good routes, being solid for us.”
      • What a strange game of musical chairs.  The day after being called up to Los Angeles Carlos Frias has now been optioned back to AAA.  That leaves an open spot to the 25-man active roster, so expect a move soon to replace him in the bullpen.
      • Former Dodger coach Joey Amalfitano spoke with Chris Haft at to share his favorite moments in Baseball.  Check it out here.  On Gibson's home run:
      "All hell broke loose," Amalfitano said. "All the guys came out of the dugout. I was going to home plate and stopped and said, 'Wait a minute, this one's going down in history.' So I went back to third and shook his hand."

      Amalfitano pounded Gibson once, then twice, in triumph.

      "He said to me, 'Back-door slider, Joe,'" said Amalfitano.
      • Via Ian Denomme at Big League Stew, "Bryan Stow takes big step in recovery, throws out first pitch at minor-league game."
      • Panini has released a bunch of preview pics from their upcoming 2015 Diamond Kings Baseball set; including the Joc Pederson and Corey Seager cards below.  Go here to check out more pics from Panini.  The set officially releases on April 29th.

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