Monday, December 02, 2019

2019 Panini Black Friday -- All the Dodger Cards

Now that Black Friday is over here's a look at the Dodger cards Panini America gave away to collectors at local hobby shops throughout the country. Go here for a complete checklist.

Stay tuned, I hope to have a pic of the lone Topps Black Friday card they gave away online.


#29 Cody Bellinger

2019 Topps On-Demand Set #10 & #19 -- All the Dodger Cards

Here's a look at a couple of other 2019 Topps 'On-Demand' Baseball card sets and the Dodger players within them.

First, let's take a look at Topps set #10 (originally released several months ago). It is called 'MLB Rookie Progression" and only Walker Buehler can be found in it. I had failed to realize this earlier, so I apologize for the last posting of this card. BTW, I have a pic of the Buehler base card, but do not have a photo of the autographed insert that is available.

The second set I show here features artwork by award-winning sports artist and former MLB player Richard Sullivan. It is Topps #19th set of the year and it is known as the 'Momentum Rising' set. As you can see below, the design and art looks an awful lot like an Allen & Ginter card. Go here for a complete checklist of both sets.

MLB Rookie Progression -- Set #10
Sophomore Standouts Insert

#6 Walker Buehler

Blog Kiosk: 12/2/2019 - Dodgers Links - New Robinson/Shuba Statue to be Created

Mark this on your calendar. April 2021 will mark the 75th anniversary of the historic 1946 handshake between George Shuba and Jackie Robinson, and to honor it Youngstown, Ohio will unveil a statue to celebrate. Dubbed "the handshake of the century", they are aiming to raise $400,000 to complete the 7 foot statue. Go here to help out. Per a press release:
"A handshake at home plate by players of different races is no big deal in America today, but in 1946 it was a historic moment," said Herb Washington, a local businessman and one of the co-chairs of the committee. "We want to memorialize that moment in a way that inspires people to relate more respectfully to those of other races. We need more Americans to follow the examples of Jackie Robinson and George Shuba."
"In our book, George is quoted as saying he didn't think at the time that shaking a black player's hand was a big deal," said Greg Gulas, a retired Youngstown State University sports information director and another committee co-chair. "He had played with black and white guys at Chaney High School and in sandlot games in Youngstown for years. He shook Jackie's hand because he had just hit a three-run homer. George was proud to be Jackie's teammate for the Royals and the Dodgers, not because Jackie was black but because he was an incredible baseball player."
Photo above via -- "Connecticut sculptor Marc Mellon recently created a rough early study of the Robinson Shuba statue. Plans call for the Jackie Robinson and George Shuba likenesses to stand nearly 7 feet tall in the actual statue planned in Youngstown, Ohio." Below are more links to check out: