Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Game MVP: Olmedo Seanz

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What's that old saying? The first one is always the toughest.

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Opening Day Carpool Special

Tony Jackson of the Daily News provides the info:
"By the way, the Dodgers have a special offer for fans who carpool to Monday's home opener: a free ticket to a future game for each passenger. But there are several catches: first, you have to arrive at the stadium between 9:30 and 10:15 a.m. (game time is 1:10 p.m.), you have to park in Lot 15 (a farflung lot that is used only for sellouts), and the offer is limited to the first 600 cars. Those fans looking to take advantage of this should enter through the Academy gate. They will also be given early entrance to the park (the leftfield pavilion, not necessarily their assigned seating area) to watch batting practice. Oh, and the lots on Stadium Way by the Los Angeles Fire Dept. training facility will cost just $5. Most importantly, ALL OF THIS IS FOR OPENING DAY ONLY"
If you are going to the game and plan on arriving early be sure to take advantage of this offer. Free tickets, early entrance and batting practice... It doesn't get better than that. Anyone got a couple of extras?

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Update: More info is available at Inside the Dodgers blog. The free tickets deal is for lot 15 only.

Neglecting the Kids?

In today's post Rob McMillin of 6-4-2 touches upon something that I was thinking about while driving to work this morning. Will Coletti do what he did in San Francisco? Will he opt to go with high priced aging veterans over developing kids with strong promise?

Like Rob, I'm still not sure that Coletti has created a situation in which he has overseen a "near-historic squandering of young talent." After all, don't we still have alot of young talent left?

When I think about the team today I want to see Kemp, Loney, Russell, Ethier, Billingsley and Broxton out there. In the very near future I envision Abreu, LaRoche, Elbert and Meleon on the field. Further out the names Mattingly, Kershaw, DeWitt and Hu keep me hoping.

Unfortunately, realty is far from what I imagined. James Loney deserves to be a starter on the team, but he is in AAA. He has nothing else to prove in the minor leagues. Matt Kemp is on the bench potentially wasting his power. Billingsley is sitting in the bullpen when he should be starting. The shinning exceptions are Russell, Ethier and Broxton. I guess three out of six, batting .500, ain't too bad.

So far, Coletti is far from realizing my worse fears, but I will be watching.