Friday, July 07, 2006

Oh No!!!

This news is so bad I can't even bring myself to say his name. It's just too damn painful. Our closer! Our captain! The Late Inning Gamer! He is experiencing severe back pain brought on by a herniated disk. Ouch! Surgery may be needed. Double Ouch!! I was hoping for his return, but now I realize that was just folly. Rest up, my man, and get well!

The Dirty Mind of a Frog

What's worse, watching a ballgame only to see your team lose, or being groped by a man in a frog costume after the game? I dunno. I hate seeing my team lose. On the other hand, I think getting felt up by a frog would not only be undesired, but creepy!
"The woman said she and a friend were leaving their seats at West End Field when the mascot grabbed her breast in a stairwell."
Creepy, just creepy!

Nomar- The All Star!

Let's Go Nomar!! Was there ever any doubt? How could they keep this man off the roster? Nomar, now a 6 time All Star, received 4 million votes and easily outpaced all other competitors. Congrats! You deserve it man! And Thank You for choosing to wear Blue this year!

Dodger eBay Win!

This is one of my most recent pick-ups from eBay. It is a 1911 M116 Sporting Life card of Brooklyn Nationals (Dodgers) player James Edward Lennox, or Eggie (as he was affectionately called). He played just 6 years in the "Bigs," and spent two of those years with the Dodgers.

This is one great looking card. The soft pastel colors and bright pictures are amazing. The Seller has a large lot of these cards that he is selling individually. Hopefully I can snag a few more. This is my first card from this set, but I don't expect it to be my last.