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Dodgers Throw a Curve- There are 2 Different Sandy Koufax Bobbleheads

I didn't see this coming.  Per Polo Ascencio on twitter we find out that there are actually 2 different Sandy Koufax bobbleheads being given out at tonights game.  Take a look at them below.

On the right is the normal Koufax bobblehead made to an edition of 50,000.  On the left is the "Special Edition" Koufax bobblehead given out only to fans who ordered tickets through a 10-game ticket package plan.  Only 1,955 of these bobbles were made.  The above pic via twitter @poloascenio.

Here is another pic showing what the back of the "Special Edition" bobblehead looks like.  It uses the scene from that famous 1965 photo of Koufax holding 4 baseballs in his hands to signify that his September 9, 1965 no hitter was his 4th of his career.  Strangely, I can't figure out why they only made 1,955 of these bobbles when it clearly shows Koufax in a pose from 1965.  It's got to be a typo on that box because that makes no sense.  Pic below via twitter @poloascencio.

Below is a pic of the boxes for each bobblehead, via twitter @poloascencio.

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Dick Perez Original Baseball Artwork of Campy, Pee Wee, Sandy and the Duke

For most Baseball collectors the name Dick Perez elicits memories of early 80's Donruss Baseball cards that featured paintings called "Diamond Kings"  They were glorious drawings, one player per team, that became most kids first introduction into sports art. I remember thinking that those cards were beautiful, and even though they never garnered any real collector value (in terms of price), I think most collectors enjoyed seeing them when ripping open a Donruss pack.

These days, Donruss may no longer exist, but at least the art of Dick Perez endures. 

Recently, I received word that collectors can now purchase original oil on canvas paintings from Dick Perez, and I thought I should pass that along.  They are available through ARTmine.  Go to this link here.

There are over 50 paintings available for sale, so go ahead and do some browsing.  BTW, a solo art exhibition of Dick Perez's works will take place next year at the Agora Gallery in New York from March 26 to April 16, 2013.

At the very top is a Roy Campanella oil on canvas painting.  It measures 28" x 22" and is priced at $5,000.00.  Above is Pee Wee Reese watercolor that is 16" x 12" and priced at $1,200.00. 

The Sandy Koufax oil painting measures 30" x 20" and is available at $4,800.00.  Duke Snider below is at $3,500.00.

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Dodgers Blog Kiosk: 8/7/2012 - Links and More

As Vin Scully says, "boys will be boys."  Ted Lilly gets the old bubblegum treatment.  Pic via twitter @Dodgers.
  • Dodgers announced via a press release the hiring of Janet Marie Smith to oversee the planning and development of Dodger Stadium.  Hopefully, she can balance the historical nature of the ballfield with some modern amenities to benefit the fan experience at home games.  Based on her success in Atlanta and Baltimore, I think she just might be able to do it.
  • In fact, with Janet Marie Smith's hiring we learn from Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times that renovations will begin in earnest starting this winter.
"She kind of likes that retro '50s feel that this ballpark has, that really no other ballpark has. And no other ballpark has the palm trees and the San Gabriel Mountains. These are the things she would like to build on."

The Dodgers will be looking to add modern amenities.

"Kids' areas, more bars and restaurants, relaxation areas, history displays, interactive areas — the kinds of things you find in modern ballparks," Kasten said.
  • Topps shows off a signed Sandy Koufax 2012 Allen & Ginter card that they just received from the left hander.  Redemption cards were put into packs, so collectors who had turned them in should be receiving them soon.  Pic at right via twitter @ToppsCards.  See the Tier 1 Koufax autographed card here.
  • Via Alex Angert at MLB.com, we hear that Victorino wants to stay a Dodger.
"I don't want to just be a two-month or three-month rental," Victorino said in the report. "I want to be here." 
  • BTW, the 2012 Topps finest set officially goes live this coming Wednesday.  Check out the base card design on the left of Matt Kemp.  Pic via twitter @ToppsCards.  I'll be sure to share the Dodgers cards in the set soon.
  • During "The National" the Net54 Vintage Baseball Forum dinner was the event to be at for vintage Baseball collectors.  Many of the more prominent collectors and dealers use that forum, so if you want to pick anyone's brain about the hobby that is the best place to go.  Sports Collectors Daily was there and writes a report on a guest speaker's comments about the recent indictments of hobby heavyweights Bill Mastro, Doug Allen and Mark Theotikos.
"The government has investigated fraud in the hobby before but those defendants in those cases tended to be bottom feeders, guys who operated in the shadows and out of the public light (but) these are the big boys of your industry and now they've been indicted.  They were the kings of sports memorabilia and now the federal government is saying they're crooks.  They are, of course, innocent until proven guilty."
  • The Foul Bunt Blog recently took a tour of Camden Yards and shares a bunch of photos.
  • This is just plain cool.  Baseball Nuggets shares some images from a book published in 1913 about the 5th Olympiad in Sweden where they discuss Baseball being played as an exhibition sport.  There are even pictures.

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2012 Panini Triple Play- Dodgers Cards

Panini just released their newest Baseball card set, and it's strictly for the kids.  It is called Triple Play, and it emulates an old Donruss set from the early 90's of the same name that was also geared to children.  Unlike the old Donruss set, this set features players as cartoon drawings instead of using actual photographs.  Packs are super cheap at $1.00 a piece, and you should be able to find them at local retail store near you.

As for the Dodger players in it, there five to chase after (three of which are of Matt Kemp).  See them below.  There is also a sticker card of Clayton Kershaw that looks very much like the card below.

#40 Clayton Kershaw

 #41 James Loney

#42 Matt Kemp
#248 Matt Kemp - Focus subset

#289 Matt Kemp- When I Was a Kid subset

I wish I had a photo of the reverse of this card.  I would love to know what childhood story Kemp passed along.

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